2021 November

30 November 2021:- Total 39,412 including living.  Tracked an interesting Dowling from Kerry to Limerick to Kildare for reasons I cannot fathom.  However, finally tracked the actual Kathleen Dowling I was looking for just before I shut down and uploaded. 

29 November 2021:- Total 39,395 including living.  Significant number added from Naas in Kildare today including all census Dowlings for Naas with some marriages to support them.  All towards hunting for a Kathleen/Catherine Dowling who died in 1965.  Which Dowling did she marry?  One of those easy one's that turns out difficult!

28 November 2021:- Total 39,340 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Time disappeared today on other things particularly working on a graphics software.

27 November 2021:- Total 39,328 including living.  Visiting relatives today... apart from quick typo correction.

26 November 2021:- Total 39,328 including living.  Working on one Dowling found in a Dublin Directory that had 20 or so additional unrelated Dowling's on the same image page... so I had to add them to the system!  Added some Artefacts from ye olde website from 10 years ago (this crashed but I managed to save some parts).  The new Artefacts comes under Lists of People and is a bit of fun and many are linked to people in the Study too.

25 November 2021:- Total 39,270 including living.  Mostly sources for existing Nova Scotia Canadian Dowlings.

24 November 2021:- Total 39,265 including living.  Mostly sources for existing Dowling's and some Canadian additions.

23 November 2021:- Total 39,176 including living.  Mostly sources for existing Dowling's... and more painting of fences. 

22 November 2021:- Total 39,161 including living.  Dowlings from Maine today matched up to an old 40's postcard, site tweaks... and more painting of fences.

21 November 2021:- Total 39,149 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Took most of the day off!  Made a few changes to the website by adding some specific 'Living' people (typically excluded automatically).  These additions can include people who volunteer (like myself) and public profile people, like celebrities or people with significant internet profiles due to their careers or achievements.  Also looked at some defunct pages from my old website and some pages have been converted into people in the Study who appear in the Lists of People/Other Topics... there are many more of those to come.  Some of those people had next to no information at the time they were collected, which is why they were added to the old website only but now their information (e.g. for an object) will be added to a person even if that person has scant detail.

20 November 2021:- Total 39,138 including living.  The Dowling for whom I added the Queen's South Africa Medal, Walter Dowling, was merged today with one in Dorset.  That's a great piece of work. Some site tweaking.

19 November 2021:- Total 39,136 including living.  Mostly painting fences on good garden day, added Queen's South Africa Medal and some siblings for the Washington Dowling.

18 November 2021:- Total 39,121 including living.  Added some Washington Dowlings related to a token coin I bought on eBay years ago.  Mostly in garden

17 November 2021:- Total 39,115 including living.  Added some people and then found I had already entered them... I am normally pretty good checking but this 'grey moment' wasted some time.  Sunny day so in garden and then 'putting-away' with some of the paperwork in my pending tray!

16 November 2021:- Total 39,115 including living.  Busy tidying paperwork, genealogy and other stuff - clearing desk for a big push.

15 November 2021:- Total 39,106 including living.  One more generation on that Wisconsin family for now.  Tweaking the website so it correctly showed cause of death on lists, race and ethnicity... that took a while.  Spent the afternoon on my Dowling medal collection.

14 November 2021:- Total 39,100 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Some Wisconsin Dowling's and some maintenance including work on a Dowling medal purchased.

12 November 2021:- Total 39,073 including living.  Some more Lisburn Dowlings; some of my lovely photos added for the Dowling railway in Florida, great for railway buffs!  Goto DOWLING ONE NAME STUDY - Person Page 1,163 ( down along the Suwannee River!  Sadly contributed to our global warming today!

11 November 2021:- Total 39,066 including living.  All the Dowling in Lisburn, Antrim entered from the 1901 and 1911 censuses and mostly joined-up.  Some gardening too!

10 November 2021:- Total 39,050 including living.  Significant tranche of Dowling's from Lisburn, County Antrim.  Attended a Guild webinar on the research tool Zotero today.  This was an interesting filing system, rather like a file explorer with greater flexibility to have multiple links to one source on my computer or in book form.  I am a little unsure as the learning curve time is research time but I may have a go at it as its free for an initial amount of data.  One can annotate pdfs in Zotero, save links to sites spotted but had no time to milk for data at that time, index detail on books by just adding its number.

8 November 2021:- Total 38,964 including living.  Some Carlow additions to tidy-up the cattle dealers in Bagenalstown. 

7 November 2021:- Total 38,952 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. Some Carlow additions with a nice join of cattle dealers in Bagenalstown.  Still working on correspondence but clearing the older messages.  Also some site tweaking, probably imperceptible.

5 November 2021:- Total 38,934 including living.  More on footballer Tommy Dowling (1893) adding his military facts as best as I can and building a better narrative.

4 November 2021:- Total 38,934 including living.  More on footballer Tommy Dowling (1893) of Charlton Athletic Football Club.  Tragic for anyone but for a footballer to have his leg amputated must be awful.  Just before I shut down I found his military record so that will be the job for tomorrow.

3 November 2021:- Total 38,933 including living.  Answering a correspondence on footballer Tommy Dowling (1893) of Charlton Athletic Football Club.  I had bought a tiny cigarette card with him on many years ago and noted it but not followed it up... well did that today.  Some interesting movement in the family joining Ireland - Jamaica - England and the USA.  Lots of births, censuses and other sources.

1 November 2021:- Total 38,908 including living.  Monthly Double Back-up. I have merged and joined this Texas Levi Dowling into the Dowling Family of the South - a big success.  I added a lot of sources for Hampshire England Dowling's and managed a significant merge and join - significant because it joins two Dowling families with one marriage.  So, while adding some people, the merging reduces the numbers a little but connections are very important. 

31 October 2021:- Total 38,908 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. Hmm, this Texas Dowling family looks suspiciously like it might originate from the Dowling Family of the South.  I attended another Webinar with the Guild of One-Name Studies this morning where we discussed setting up our studies.  Interesting; and some members effectively keep indexes without connections and some keep their research on paper and Excel spreadsheets.  The Dowling One-Name Study is not just an index as connections and stories are a major goal, also I have evolved away from paper (although still wading through some old stuff to dispose of it where I can).  I use Excel spreadsheets but only as checklists now for projects.  Apart from the 'Living' the public can see all I have on this web site.  We all agreed we needed better organisation and that will continue to be my Samhain New Year resolution along with a faster response on e-mail.  One researcher, on O'Donohue, has a 'team' of researchers.  It sounds a lot like an index rather than full study but his projects index vast numbers of names and then support correspondent to do their own research.  I still want the connections and stories for the Dowling Study but could do with a 'team' of people... so, if you are reading this and want to get involved beyond your own Dowling line to assimilating records drop me a line.  What happens to the study when I die???