2021 June

30 Jun 2021:- Total 37,565 including living.  Only a few source rationalisations today.

28 Jun 2021:- Total 37,562 including living.  I have my 93 year old mother to care for,for 4 weeks, so  genealogy will be at a minimum.  Only a few source rationalisations today.

27 Jun 2021:- Total 37,560 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Some technical website tweaks to make some sentences read better.

26 Jun 2021:- Total 37,560 including living.  Mostly photos added, some tweaking with the website and sorting out my bookshelves.

25 Jun 2021:- Total 37,560 including living.  Some responses to e-mails and some pictures added.

24 Jun 2021:- Total 37,558 including living.  Recycling some material from the old website, making sure they are in the primary database and not just on a website to be lost, and found a nice Ozark Alabama family that I was able to merge and join into the Dowling Family of the South - nice one.  Had contact from a relative and really looking for to some detail around my uncle Tom.

23 Jun 2021:- Total 37,537 including living.  A little more on the Vermont Doolin's but mostly a day busy with something else other than genealogy - yes there are other things!

22 Jun 2021:- Total 37,517 including living.  Some more 'housekeeping' with writers and artists, with a technical correction on the List of People/Artists.  This led, on a trail to Vermont and a John Doolan artist of 'artificial landscapes', nice to work on.

21 Jun 2021:- Total 37,470 including living.  Some much needed tidying and recycling of my old website information on artist and author which had been put into the old website  Now that information is integrated into the main database and will, therefore, automatically appear in this new website.

20 Jun 2021:- Total 37,402 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Some website woprk today on the Haplogroup subsite and the main site to get List of People/Artists to show correctly, also reviewing some old website information that was interesting but needed re-jigging to appear in the new website.

19 Jun 2021:- Total 37,380 including living.  While rooting about in Australia I picked-up a John Dowling in the Australian Army from Dublin,  I managed to join him to an existing census entry and trace that family back a little more.  Nice work to support a nice picture of the man who died in the Great War.

18 Jun 2021:- Total 37,376 including living.  A few non-Dowling's added today to try to make head or tail of DNA implying a particular Dowling was rather free and easy with sowing his oats!  There is a Dowling in the DNA mix in Queensland Australia but whether it is the one we think it is needs more work on the numbers.

17 Jun 2021:- Total 37,350 including living.  A new page, under Lists of People, for people who have DNA haplogroups associated with their names.  This took me a while and I know it has a fundamental flaw of the haplogroup belonging to the test-taker not his documented ancestors (as opposed to true ancestors) but it forms a more accessible way to view the connections the DNA matches suggest.  Following on from this I added many American Dowlings with DNA connections and reviewed the way DNA is tagged... a work in progress!

16 Jun 2021:- Total 37,285 including living.  More sources and a correction of a Laois Dowling.  Some tinkering for DNA display which is tricky and not good yet, its tricky to show DNA connections in an easy way.  I am toying with showing a 'placeholder' ancestor with a Y-DNA haplogroup but how many generations back do I show it?!

15 Jun 2021:- Total 37,285 including living.  Following some correspondence regarding Australian families I have been mostly reading and adding a small few sources to existing people.  Oh and having a barbeque in the shade from the hot sunshine under a pergola of grapevine leaves... what more could you want!

14 Jun 2021:- Total 37,285 including living.  Following some correspondence in Tipperary today with a good number of baptisms in the Templemore district which appears to have some gaps.  Back to Australia tomorrow I think.

13 Jun 2021:- Total 37,273 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  A number of Dowling's from Tipperary following e-mail correspondence, this branch moved off to St Louis, in Missouri. Sweltering heat here - not complaining but have to spend a lot of time watering the plants.

12 Jun 2021:- Total 37,264 including living.  A considerable number of birth sources in Queensland Australia.  Lovely DNA work from correspondent Gerard Whelan around Vincent Mackay Dowling.

11 Jun 2021:- Total 37,259 including living.  Dowlings in Dorking, Surrey, England with lots of sources.

10 Jun 2021:- Total 37,240 including living.  Added some photos and sources, and seven Dowling's from Dorking England to Brisbane.

9 Jun 2021:- Total 37,233 including living.  Some more people from Australia today with some tricky source shortages for what appear to be 'shenanigans', and non-genealogy with gardening, hospital bureaucracy and car maintenance!

8 Jun 2021:- Total 37,228 including living.  Gardening mostly and added some people from Australia today, connected non-Dowlings to reconstruct families.

7 Jun 2021:- Total 37,209 including living.  Still in Illinois, USA and an initially illusive Asa Dowling b.1818.

6 Jun 2021:- Total 37,204 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  A number of Dowlings from Illinois, USA that link with the Niagara Falls New York Dowlings. This Dowling branch DNA does not appear to link with mine to is important to map as best as I can.

5 Jun 2021:- Total 37,139 including living.  Adding a framework for another DNA branch that links to the Imlay, Michigan, USA.  Reminded by e-mail of the significant Australian family which includes Sir James Dowling and I hope to give it a fresh review soon.  It is a shame the author of the book will not let me republish parts to support the site but "it is what it is", I will have to discover my own sources and publish those to by-pass the book.

4 Jun 2021:- Total 37,093 including living.  Adding Dowling's from New York attached (or not?) to the Canadian thread looked at yesterday.  Interesting, Vincent J Dowling is a widow in 1900 census but his wife is a widow in the 1910 census, hmm!  And to add to this confusion Vincent's grave stone shows he died before the 1900 census!!!  Yes, I am sure it is the same person, there is more to this relationship than meets the eye.

3 Jun 2021:- Total 37,076 including living.  Sad news of Sylvia Dowling, nee Jackson, passing away.  She was a kindly person who spent time to speak with me as a child when her husband, my dad's cousin, visited.  Mostly in the garden today but a Northern Ireland Dowling branch added in Belfast and some work unravelling another Canadian Dowling's DNA.

2 Jun 2021:- Total 37,060 including living.  Still some work on the Portlaoise Dowling family whose similarity to another family nearby make for fun genealogy!  Had a breakthrough where I believe I found on of the confusable individuals marrying in Boston Massachusetts.  So all in all a good day and lots of gardening done too.  I may leave this Portlaoise group for a while so I can look at it fresh again later.  Received a good DNA match so have new work to start.

1 Jun 2021:- Total 37,056 including living.  Monthly Double Back-up. A few merges today, this is where evidence emerges for two separate individuals to be identified as one person.  The total numbers reduce and I celebrate, normally with chocolate but today a barbeque!  Some source tidying.

31 May 2021:- Total 37,061 including living.  Some Portlaoise Dowlings with a considerable number of other Dowling added that are on the same pages.  I have decided to merge a family as the individuals (Edward son of John Dowling & Mary Kelly) are 'best-fit', part of the issue is that I cannot see better information forthcoming to alter the hypothesis.  However, in the true spirit of science the hypothesis could change if the evidence does.