2021 May

31 May 2021:- Total 37,061 including living.  Some Portlaoise Dowlings with a considerable number of other Dowling added that are on the same pages.  I have decided to merge a family as the individuals (Edward son of John Dowling & Mary Kelly) are 'best-fit', part of the issue is that I cannot see better information forthcoming to alter the hypothesis.  However, in the true spirit of science the hypothesis could change if the evidence does.

30 May 2021:- Total 37,030 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up and some non-Dowlings added on a Portlaoise Dowling family to aid family reconstruction.

27 May 2021:- Total 37,017 including living.  Some follow up on one B J Dowling in Georgia, USA.  Mostly sources added to existing people.

25 May 2021:- Total 37,015 including living.  Very short of time with caring for aging mother so just one addition of a postcard producer in the US.  B J Dowling, nothing found on him/her yet just "Published for B J Dowling".

24 May 2021:- Total 37,014 including living.  Added Lists of People, Printers and Publishers under Lists of People/Occupations.

23 May 2021:- Total 37,014 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.

22 May 2021:- Total 37,014 including living.  Some added sources, no new people, some source tinkering/cleaning

21 May 2021:- Total 37,014 including living.  Some work on related non-Dowling family a challenging name change of Webster to Ryan.  Over 37,000 now despite time shortage.

20 May 2021:- Total 36,994 including living.  A US South Dakota family details added.  New version of GedSite installed 4.01 with small fixes.  Struggling for time at present.

17 May 2021:- Total 36,986 including living.  A US South Dakota family based on one photograph from 1915.

16 May 2021:- Total 36,979 including living.  A little detail on a Ireland to Durham branch.  Sunday Single Back-up.

15 May 2021:- Total 36,976 including living.  Some Ballyfin graves added, a great contribution from a correspondent that added details to existing names and merged and joined people.  I have added a page for the cemetery under Lists of People/Places/Ireland/Laois.

12 May 2021:- Total 36,965 including living.  Short of time so just some details added.

9 May 2021:- Total 36,964 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. Some Laois Ballyfin gravestones leading to a few merges.  Very pleased.

8 May 2021:- Total 36,962 including living.  Some marriage source 'cleaning'.

6 May 2021:- Total 36,961 including living.  Some Living people added from Portlaoise (they will not show on-line) and a little 'cleaning' of sources.

5 May 2021:- Total 36,957 including living.  Some 'cleaning' of death sources but mostly looking after my mother.

3 May 2021:- Total 36,957 including living.  A little more exploring of a Portarlington Dowlings.  Some technical website additions of a Last Edited section (where I have actually remembered to add the date last edited!!!!) and the cause of death is now added to death information (where that information is available).

2 May 2021:- Total 36,953 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  A little more exploring of a Portarlington to Dublin branch today.  Still in semi-lockdown. 

1 May 2021:- Total 36,942 including living.  Full Monthly Double Back-up. A little more exploring of a Portarlington to Dublin branch today.  Very little steps as having to spend a lot of time looking after 92 year old mother.

30 April 2021:- Total 36,934 including living.  A little work on sources mostly for existing people around Clonbrock.  New correspondent in today may look at that tomorrow.