2021 March

31 March 2021:- Total 36,775 including living.  Still working on that Kansas family who came from Canada where they are lost.

30 March 2021:- Total 36,711 including living.  I was looking at Kansas USA today following a family I was very vaguely informed about in the year 2000.  Now I have added a great deal of framework for some census work there.  Also added some Laois baptisms and did some site tweaking on the Lists of People.  Busy day and had a barbeque as the weather was great.

29 March 2021:- Total 36,680 including living.  Added a family from Dorset who spread to Kent and other places in England - many sources.

28 March 2021:- Total 36,643 including living.  Added some Cappanrush/Ballyfin baptisms today. Have an issue with a family having a few children before marriage... not a problem in New York but in Laois in the 1840's it is odd!  Is it possible Finton Dowling married two Mary Delaney's?  Hmm.

27 March 2021:- Total 36,604 including living.  Added some Roscrea Births/Marriages/Deaths today up to 1879.

26 March 2021:- Total 36,574 including living.  Some tidying around a branch of the Dowling Family of the South.  Also some source corrections where incorrect references were placed by automatic source to tree program routines.

25 March 2021:- Total 36,528 including living.  A few tweaks and some adding to a Dowling Family of the South.  There is confusion here between Ezra Martin Dowling and Jabez Layton on Find-a-Grave... I believe they are two separate people.

24 March 2021:- Total 36,505 including living.  Busy busy.  Now I have been fiddling with  the GedSite upgrade which amounts to a card effect on some date on the person pages, this looks nice so I'll keep it.   Other changes are a little to technical for me as I need to keep my site as generic as possible for when I cannot maintain it anymore.  It does allow the description note for images to be added so there should be a little more text with some images. Lots of trial and error.  Added a few names from multiple families as I research four correspondent families at the moment.  Also, it is worth noting, that if I come to a source which has multiple Dowlings on it, I don't just deal with the one I am looking for but also add the others too.

21 March 2021:- Total 36,474 including living.  Checking back to corroborate yesterday's find, some Ballinakill baptisms.  Upgraded the GedSite program (that creates this website from my database) to version 4 today and will assess and maybe use any new features over the coming week.

20 March 2021:- Total 36,453 including living.  A major breakthrough on my own family today exploring old baptism records.  Lots of checking and re-writing some sources.

19 March 2021:- Total 36,446 including living.  A Hampshire UK family back quite away today while trying to establish which family Harry J came from as there are several Harry J's.  Also started work on a correspondent's Canadian branch, this one is actually related to me so keen to see if I can add some more detail.

18 March 2021:- Total 36,407 including living.  Busy non-family tree day but slipped in an entry on Harry J Dowling Royal Engineer in World War 1.

17 March 2021:- Total 36,397 including living.  A little technical tweaking on fact tags for Timelines and Events so they come up on people pages.  Some civil Births, Marriages and Deaths from Roscrea up to 1869.

16 March 2021:- Total 36,373 including living.  More sources and a Dowling family from Missouri.  Also a nice picture of 'young Ireland' in 1958 for Lally Dowling.

15 March 2021:- Total 36,339 including living.  Mostly adding sources today with some potentially useful abode locations.

14 March 2021:- Total 36,337 including living.  Another day of trying to identify parents for individuals that just don't seem to be in the records... just not enough points of corroboration to show how some people are joined.  Imagine sudoku with fewer or no numbers in the boxes!

13 March 2021:- Total 36,329 including living.  Busy getting nowhere day!  Resorted to pencil and paper to map out some branches from Clonard, some confusion stemming from a loose interpretation of "nephew" and "niece" and these are related but there are missing baptisms in the mix...   It is a crucial branch so I need to spend the time.  Nice images added to a Paddy Horan.

12 March 2021:- Total 36,327 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people and some Horan's  peripheral to Dowlings to support research.  Also I was sent a rather nice newspaper cutting of Dowling triplets, Brendan, Conleth and Ciaran; from very little information I managed to attach them to a Laois family.

11 March 2021:- Total 36,311 including living.  Updating some BMD for Mountmellick, Abbeyleix and Donaghmore today to add the new year added to on-line databases.  Some more Laois baptisms to unravel another generation for correspondents. 

10 March 2021:- Total 36,267 including living.  Hunting around Clonard, Laois today, a few additions with baptisms, some additions some corrections and Mountmellick and Abbeyleix births 1820 as they have come on line recently.  Made some spacing tweaks to website boxes to assist presentation.

9 March 2021:- Total 36,237 including living.  Hunting around Clonard, Laois today, a few additions with baptisms.

8 March 2021:- Total 36,205 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people but also a join and merge.  Andrew Dowling from Rathdowney is now the progenitor of a significant line and pending a few more checks is like to have some ancestors added.  RootsIreland's transcription index has a good few names missing for such an expensive subscription.

7 March 2021:- Total 36,183 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people but also a join and merge.  Trying to corroborate a significant join in Rathdowney.

6 March 2021:- Total 36,135 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people but also a join and merge.  Trying to map the Rathdowney Dowlings with a correspondent.

5 March 2021:- Total 36,121 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people but also a join and merge.  Another merge, when this happens the numbers reduce by one for each two people now treated as one individual.  A good day.

4 March 2021:- Total 36,118 including living.  Mostly sources added to existing people but also a join and merge.  A join is where evidence comes to light that connects two people and a join is where evidence comes to light that identifies two previously separate people as one.  These are causes for celebration... chocolate.

3 March 2021:- Total 36,114 including living.  More Rathdowney, Laois work today.  Hunting for Andrew Dowling born to Edward Dowling circa 1840.  Waded through early baptisms in Rathdowney, Laois for him to no avail but picked up lots of Dowling baptisms on the way.

2 March 2021:- Total 36,056 including living.  More Rathdowney, Laois work today.  Quite please with a merge and a UK link.

1 March 2021:- Total 36,048 including living.  Quite a day trying to sort out some Rathdowney Dowlings that link with Phelans.  I suspect some 'double accounting' in that an Andrew Dowling may appear as two separate people as I cannot quite determine if he has had more than one marriage.  Quite a few sources added.  Also, importantly this was my BIG back-up day (it is amazing how unreliable tech really is, so its a belt,braces AND buttons approach!)


27 February 2021:- Total 35,990 including living.  A few Ballyfin, Laois Dowling baptisms today in pursuit of a correspondents family.  Interesting to note they were not coming up on RootsIreland transcriptions so there are still many un-transcribed records in Laois (and therefore likely elsewhere) to sort out.  The scans on the National Library of Ireland are poor for that early 1800's and in need of a high resolution scan.  Have another correspondent with Dowling related Phelan's waiting in the eaves, hopefully on that tomorrow.