2021 February

1 March 2021:- Total 36,048 including living.  Quite a day trying to sort out some Rathdowney Dowlings that link with Phelans.  I suspect some 'double accounting' in that an Andrew Dowling may appear as two separate people as I cannot quite determine if he has had more than one marriage.  Quite a few sources added.

27 February 2021:- Total 35,990 including living.  A few Ballyfin, Laois Dowling baptisms today in pursuit of a correspondents family.  Interesting to note they were not coming up on RootsIreland transcriptions so there are still many un-transcribed records in Laois (and therefore likely elsewhere) to sort out.  The scans on the National Library of Ireland are poor for that early 1800's and in need of a high resolution scan.  Have another correspondent with Dowling related Phelan's waiting in the eaves, hopefully on that tomorrow.

24 February 2021:- Total 35,966 including living.  'Fallen out of the family tree' for a while as look after 92 year old mum.  Anyway added a good few records to respond to correspondence and follow up serendipitous finds.  Interesting Notables added: one a Captains steward on HMS Victory and the second, a Thomas Dowling who claimed ownership of Goat Island... where they built Golden Gate Bridge.  He had been in my system for a while but I am trying to get to the bottom of this family, originally from Laois, who are quite elusive in records.

8 February 2021:- Total 35,829 including living.  Some additions trying to investigate a correspondent's query connected with Horan's in Laois.

4 February 2021:- Total 35,823 including living.  Some additions trying to investigate a correspondent's query.  Short of time as caring for mother and selling her house.

2 February 2021:- Total 35,817 including living.  A few United States Dowling Family of the South entries but mostly sources for people already in database.  Starting another month of covid-19 pandemic lockdown.  As I look after my 92 year old mother I have been in lockdown since March 2020 so the novelty has well and truly worn off!  Nevertheless, she has had her vaccination and the rest of the family await theirs.  With the care issue genealogy takes a bit of a back-seat but a small few are still added when I get a free moment.

1 February 2021:- Total 35,802 including living.  Double back-up day.  Laptop backed up to Network Attached Storage (NAS) then backed up again from there to another separate NAS which is only ever switched on for backing up.