2020 June

30 June 2020:- Total 32, 934 including living. Mostly decyphering a 1838 Will today and typing a transcript added as an image .

29 June 2020:- Total 32, 932 including living. Went over the Laois/Kilkenny connection to Durham several times, found some hard-to-find censuses but on the whole no major breakthrough but all incorporated into the database for future reference.

28 June 2020:- Total 32, 920 including living. Kilkenny/Durham records heavily covered today with lots of Castcomer records added. Few revelations for the correspondent but some clarity.

27 June 2020:- Total 32, 877 including living. Kilkenny/Durham records sent me off on an unconnected tangent to USA today. Also added some Brazil immigration Dowlings from free MyHeritage source.

26 June 2020:- Total 32, 855 including living. A number of entries for the Kilkenny births to get the lay-of-the-land for the family that moved to Durham. Some work on a Philadelphia branch that was entered back in the 1990's with no sources supplied by correspondent.

25 June 2020:- Total 32, 826 including living. A number of entries for the Kilkenny to Durham Doolans. Not finshed yet.

24 June 2020:- Total 32, 799 including living. Couple of census entries for Durham Doolans.

23 June 2020:- Total 32, 789 including living. Some mid-Hampshire Dowling census records and more to tie up loose ends. Starting a Doolan family from Ireland to Durham.

22 June 2020:- Total 32, 743 including living. More north Hampshire Dowling census records. I have possibly collected more on this locality outside of Ireland.

21 June 2020:- Total 32, 699 including living. More north Hampshire Dowlings to respond comprehensively to correspondence query.

20 June 2020:- Total 32, 674 including living. Large number of later census sources added to north Hampshire Dowlings mostly corroborating a limit on existing families.

19 June 2020:- Total 32, 656 including living. Two free MyHeritage Dutch Dowling marriages today. Large number of census sources added to north Hampshire Dowlings mostly corroborating a limit on existing families, so I believe I have mostly got them all the threads.

18 June 2020:- Total 32, 625 including living. MyHeritage French death records free for today only led to a few new Dowlings by surprise with a few follow-up connections.

16 June 2020:- Total 32, 582 including living. More on the RAVC soldier George E Dowling back to a connection already held in Surrey and connect to north Hampshire. A Canadian family as MyHeritage was free with that census today.

15 June 2020:- Total 32, 566 including living. Some Laois marriages and WW1 vetinary corp soldier.

14 June 2020:- Total 32, 546 including living. A lot of complicated work around north Hampshire today to provide more corroboration to the map pf families there. Al 13 June 2020:- Total 32, 522 including living. Some additions for some mariner Dowlings from Tacoma in Washington, USA.

12 June 2020:- Total 32, 506 including living. Some 20th century Laois marriages, one led surprisingly to a Goodworth Clatford connection... trying to get to bottom, of that one.

9 June 2020:- Total 32, 478 including living. More unravelling for a non-Dowling branch that married into Dowlings. Learned about a new source.

8 June 2020:- Total 32, 452 including living. Added some sources and some heavy-duty unravelling for a non-Dowling branch that married into Dowlings.

7 June 2020:- Total 32, 445 including living. Today working again on north Hampshire England Dowlings and added many sources and managed a significant merger of individuals which is why the total number did not increase much.

6 June 2020:- Total 32, 443 including living. Today working on Hampshire England Dowlings am now confident of a good merge there where as I have been reticent to jump to a different conclusion for some time. Some Timeline tags added.

5 June 2020:- Total 32, 420 including living. Some Alabama Dowlings for a correspondent in the Dowlings of the South branch. Some tidying here but this needs a root and branch deep clean.

4 June 2020:- Total 32, 392 including living. Picked up some more Hampshire Dowlings in the quest to find elusive corroboration of a William Dowling. Altered the Home Page of the Website in a hope to make the site more compatable with smart phones.

2 June 2020:- Total 32, 372 including living. While the United Kingdom is reducing restrictions for the Coronavirus Covid 19 pandemic I remain in a form of isolation so I can visit vulnerable 92 year old mother who could not cope with full isolation herself. Better safe than sorry. This must be about 12 weeks now in lockdown for me. Added 10 more Laois baptisms up to 1801. Some considerable fruitless time spent on so