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I add names to the Family Tree Maker database almost daily. The database, converted to GEDCOM format, gets updated to this website using GEDsite.
I am slow... because its not just about collecting names, I am after connections and stories. The 'Living' are excluded from this website, the total viewable in website can be seen in footer at the very bottom of the page. 

18 April 2021:- Total 36,903 including living.  Because I am looking after my mother only a few minutes on a medal family of Dowlings in the East-End of London and Hertfordshire.  AND my Sunday Small Back-up.

16 April 2021:- Total 36,902 including living.  I cleaned a few 1861 census source entries which has to be done to assist searchers and added some census sources for Scotland Dowlings.

14 April 2021:- Total 36,893 including living.  While not a huge amount, as caring for 92 year old mother, I cleaned a few 1861 census source entries which has to be done to assist searchers.  It will be slow for 5 more weeks.

12 April 2021:- Total 36,892 including living.  A lot more tidying of 1861 sources today.

11 April 2021:- Total 36,891 including living.  A lot of tidying of 1861 sources today.

10 April 2021:- Total 36,886 including living.  A lot of tidying of 1861 sources today, nearly done there.  It led to a single merge, hence the numbers going down one.  Last big flig for a while as looking after my 92 year old mother for the next 6 weeks.

9 April 2021:- Total 36,887 including living.  Some correspondence sources for related Irish & UK Ryan's. Some slow careful work on a tricky Laois family.  Some tidying of sources.  A medal of a Dowling I bought for my collection arrived today, I have done some work on G E Dowling already... some more to do.

8 April 2021:- Total 36,877 including living.  Some correspondence sources for related Irish & UK Ryan's.  Some additions to Valdosta, Georgia, USA Dowling's.

7 April 2021:- Total 36,850 including living.  Some correspondence sources for related non-Dowlings.  Some re-sourcing of 1861 census.

6 April 2021:- Total 36,845 including living.  Some Laois, baptisms, marriage sources to existing people.  And a mixed bag of tidying/rationalising which will be an ongoing job.

5 April 2021:- Total 36,818 including living.  A lot of important 'rationalising' of sources today.  Much tidier.

4 April 2021:- Total 36,814 including living.  Mostly tidying up old 1850/1 to 1860 census entries today.  It is not as exciting as adding new people but accuracy is more important.

3 April 2021:- Total 36,814 including living.  Sunday is 'small' back-up day with computer backing-up to network attached storage disks.  Mostly cleaning-up today, it is amazing how over the years sources seem to become muddled.  I don't claim perfection, and some are definitely my inexperience 30-20 years ago, but I am sure some is software's fault including some automatic sources ending up, years later, as utter nonsense!  Also started a 30 day trial of Family Historian software but found it 'all over the place' compared to Family Tree Maker; its probably what I am used to that makes the difference but will give the trial a good go.

2 April 2021:- Total 36,811 including living.  Added some Massachusetts census sources.  Looked into GE Dowling medals for sale on e-Bay but the recipient is a bit tricky to nail down, possibly as he was born within 100 years.  Anyway this resulted in some Bishops Stortford Dowlings and South Australia Dowlings being added to the database.  WW2 medals don't have names of numbers on them but the seller has the box they arrived in and he thinks they could be an Australian pilot but, as they were sent to Bishops Stortford rather than Australia the identity of G E Dowling is yet to be verified.  Interestingly the 1939 register does have an Emily Dowling living at the address; she could be related to the Australian family or she and G E have absolutely nothing to do with them... ongoing.

1 April 2021:- Total 36,788 including living.  BIG back-up day today.  Back-up 1: all my stuff gets backed-up to a network storage drive (always on), then Back-up 2: Everything on the network storage drive gets backed-up to another network storage drive (always disconnected unless backing-up).  For those interested, Back-up 1 is weekly and Back-up 1 & 2 is monthly.  It may seem paranoid but there is 30 years of work here!  Some GedSite tweaks and a few Dowling's added.  ALSO John Dowling in Ireland has agreed to do his 'at' DNA and has sent it off to FamilyTreeDNA.  I am very certain he is a cousin by records and this is excellent.

31 March 2021:- Total 36,775 including living.  Still working on that Kansas family who came from Canada where they are lost.




There are a huge number of entries in my database form a variety of sources. So, even though there is no project that covers a particular source or region does not mean there are no entries for that source or region. The projects cover where I systematically extract entries from a source to make sure the source has been 'milked' for all it's worth. The What's New page also shows when I have worked on a particular project.


Activity follows the Guild of One-Name Studies "Seven Pillars of Wisdom":

  1. Data Collection - from correspondents, projects (see below) and serendipity! I include maintenance in here as, with a large study over 30 years, a significant number of flaws creep in that need correcting.

  2. Analysis - researching, investigating, linking, etc. Also constant review for corrections;

  3. Synthesis - drawing conclusions about the Dowlings, making sense of it all!

  4. Publicising the Study - This website... I am not particularly technical so this is a challenge, I also promote the study on some DNA sites;

  5. Responding to enquiries - helping where I can, adding their families to the database or trying to make sense of DNA matches. I will reply, maybe not immediately, but I will always respond.;

  6. Publication of results - again this website, as much as possible is available as I believe widespread sharing is the basis of its permanent legacy;

  7. Preserving the study - A more significant challenge than it sounds, some arrangements have been made through the Guild for the study to be available when I am dead and gone!