What's New

I add names to the Family Tree Maker database almost daily. The database converted to GEDCOM format gets updated to this website approximately weekly using GEDsite.
I am slow... because its not just about collecting names, I am after connections and stories. The 'Living' are excluded from this website, the total viewable in website can be seen in footer at the very bottom of the page.

4 August 2020:- Total 33, 409 including living. Abbeyleix all BMD Project now 1864 to 1878. Good day as the Abbeyleix work led to a considerable merge of isolated entries for Raheenabrogue in Laois.

3 August 2020:- Total 33, 398 including living. Abbeyleix all BMD Project now 1864 to 1877. Some census work.

2 August 2020:- Total 33, 385 including living. Abbeyleix all BMD Project now 1864 to 1876. A new month and I am still in a semi-lockdown for the coronavirus as I visit my 92 year old mother. I am lucky to not find this as intolerable as other people. A new DNA match has arriived to look into and there is always lots to do.




There are a huge number of entries in my database form a variety of sources. So, even though there is no project that covers a particular source or region does not mean there are no entries for that source or region. The projects cover where I systematically extract entries from a source to make sure the source has been 'milked' for all it's worth. The What's New page also shows when I have worked on a particular project.


Activity follows the Guild of One-Name Studies "Seven Pillars of Wisdom":

  1. Data Collection - from correspondents, projects (see below) and serendipity! I include maintenance in here as, with a large study over 30 years, a significant number of flaws creep in that need correcting.

  2. Analysis - researching, investigating, linking, etc. Also constant review for corrections;

  3. Synthesis - drawing conclusions about the Dowlings, making sense of it all!

  4. Publicising the Study - This website... I am not particularly technical so this is a challenge, I also promote the study on some DNA sites;

  5. Responding to enquiries - helping where I can, adding their families to the database or trying to make sense of DNA matches. I will reply, maybe not immediately, but I will always respond.;

  6. Publication of results - again this website, as much as possible is available as I believe widespread sharing is the basis of its permanent legacy;

  7. Preserving the study - A more significant challenge than it sounds, some arrangements have been made through the Guild for the study to be available when I am dead and gone!