What's New

I add names to the Family Tree Maker database almost daily. The database converted to GEDCOM format gets updated to this website approximately weekly using GEDsite.
I am slow... because its not just about collecting names, I am after connections and stories. The 'Living' are excluded from this website, the total viewable in website can be seen in footer at the very bottom of the page.

3 July 2020:- Total 32, 954 including living. Some additions on Laois/Kilkenny to Durham branch.

2 July 2020:- Total 32, 946 including living. Some corrections and a few additions on Durham branch.

1 July 2020:- Total 32, 933 including living. Still decyphering 1838 Will with difficult writing, not much more to go but last few lines allowed me to merge two previously separate individuals thereby reducing the overall numbers - that's a good thing. July starts and, even though most of the country is coming out of coronavirus lockdown I am still in an isolated situation to allow me to care for my 92 year old mother.



Current Projects


Project Title Detail Source Number of records Date Complete
Goodworth Clatford Entries Assimilation of all record entries from ealiest records for the parish of Goodworth Clatford, Hampshire, England. In support of correspondent. Mostly Find My Past, FreeBMD etc. Estimate 200 In progress
1901-1911 Laois and Offaly Census Assimilation of all record entries from the 1901 AND 1911 census of counties Laois and Offaly, Ireland. Where possible connecting people in both censsus and linking with other registration 1430 people In progress- about 55% complete
Laois Parish Baptisms Assimilation of all persons identified in Baptisms transcripts of Roman Catholic parish records for the Ireland county of Laois Roots Ireland 2,150 records In progress
Abbeyleix Civil Marriages Assimilation of all Dowling civil marriages for the registration district of Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland from start of registration (1845 Church of Ireland) 1851 to 1921 - Awaits Start
Abbeyleix Civil Births Assimilation of all Dowling birth registrations for district of Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland from start of registration 1864 to 1921 - Awaits Start
Abbeyleix Civil Deaths Assimilation of all Dowling death registrations for District of Abbeyleix, Laois, Ireland from start of registration 1864 to 1921 - Awaits Start



Activity follows the Guild of One-Name Studies "Seven Pillars of Wisdom":

  1. Data Collection - from correspondents, projects (see below) and serendipity! I include maintenance in here as, with a large study over 30 years, a significant number of flaws creep in that need correcting.

  2. Analysis - researching, investigating, linking, etc. Also constant review for corrections;

  3. Synthesis - drawing conclusions about the Dowlings, making sense of it all!

  4. Publicising the Study - This website... I am not particularly technical so this is a challenge, I also promote the study on some DNA sites;

  5. Responding to enquiries - helping where I can, adding their families to the database or trying to make sense of DNA matches. I will reply, maybe not immediately, but I will always respond.;

  6. Publication of results - again this website, as much as possible is available as I believe widespread sharing is the basis of its permanent legacy;

  7. Preserving the study - A more significant challenge than it sounds, some arrangements have been made through the Guild for the study to be available when I am dead and gone!