What's New

I add names to the Family Tree Maker database almost daily. The database, converted to GEDCOM format, gets updated to this website using GEDsite.
I am slow... because its not just about collecting names, I am after connections and stories. The 'Living' are excluded from this website, the total viewable in website can be seen in footer at the very bottom of the page. 


22 September 2021:- Total 38,539 including living.  A few sources for existing people to whom I am directly related.  Some ORA template work on the Irish Deaths database.  Mostly administering my mother's Will with lots of time waiting on the telephone.

21 September 2021:- Total 38,539 including living.  Some people added with more sources and pretty soon afterwards they were merged and joined with existing people so a good day's work reducing people who appeared twice.

20 September 2021:- Total 38,539 including living.  My mother's funeral today.  So, just a quick correspondence reply and little more.

19 September 2021:- Total 38,535 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. A few people added but mostly sources and maiden names for Dowlings in Berkshire. 

18 September 2021:- Total 38,531 including living.  Mostly sources for existing people.  Very busy with mother's funeral coming up on Monday.

13 September 2021:- Total 38,526 including living.  A few corrections and adjustments, I always like corrections.

12 September 2021:- Total 38,526 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up. A good bit of desk tidying, both real and virtual.  Getting ready to sort more of my mother's funeral and do the Executor bit on her Will.  Busy week so updates may be sparse for 10 days or so, but I will try a bit as correspondence builds up and I do find it a good stress reliever.

11 September 2021:- Total 38,515 including living.  More untangling and ORA (Online Repository Assistant) work on templates to make inputting faster...  And trimmed a big hedge so very tired!

10 September 2021:- Total 38,513 including living.  Some thoughtful untangling of old statements by correspondent with new found sources.  Added Mary Yolanda DOwling to front page for remembrance of 9/11.  The front page reference only will come off in a week or so but her page remains available.

08 September 2021:- Total 38,490 including living.  Just a few sources for existing people then into the garden.

07 September 2021:- Total 38,487 including living.  Even more of parish baptisms and some burials too from Hampshire.  Most of the old burials from the 1600's will probably never be joined up but they are there if only to show Dowlings were there!  A little maintenance on my GEDCOM file using GedCom Validator and some trawling through the old defunct crashed website files from 16 years ago to see if I can salvage anything.

06 September 2021:- Total 38,405 including living.  Even more of parish baptisms from Hampshire.  A join and a merge so two duplicates now joined as one.

05 September 2021:- Total 38,342 including living.  Sunday Single Back-up.  Even more parish baptisms from Hampshire to deal with a new correspondence apparently leading to this branch.

04 September 2021:- Total 38,275 including living.  Even more of parish marriages from Hampshire to deal with a new correspondence apparently leading to this branch... and I mowed lawns, trimmed a hedge and tidied up!

03 September 2021:- Total 38,202 including living.  A mass of parish additions from Hampshire to deal with a new correspondence apparently leading to this branch.  I managed so many today, despite funeral preparations for my mother, because of ORA (Online Repository Assistant).

02 September 2021:- Total 38,149 including living.  A few corrections but little genealogy of late as dealing with mother's recent death, funeral and probate.

1 September 2021:- Total 38,149 including living.  Monthly Double Back-up.

25 August 2021:- Total 38,149 including living.  My mother's page updated and released as a form of remembrance to her.




Sunday Single Back-up: On Sunday of each week my computer gets backed up to a separate hard drive on my network (NAS).

Monthly Double Back-up: On the 1st of every month my computer gets backed-up to a separate hard drive on my network (NAS). The NAS, which also has other files not on the computer then gets backed-up again to another separate hard drive on the network that is normally off-line for the rest of the month, disconnected from the internet and powered-off.
Merge: A merge is where evidence has emerged to allow two separate people on the database to be merged into one individual.  For example, there may be two people called Michael Dowling, one as a son of John Dowling and the second as a census entry.  The two initially start off from records as separate entries but a marriage of Michael to Mary Phelan showing a father of John and matching other factors allows me to say with some confidence that they are one and the same person.  This can be quite complicated with much playing around with probabilities and numbers of candidates for merging or occasionally very simple.  The number of people in the database drops by one and it is a major cause for celebration as it increases accuracy and future confusion.

Join: A join is where evidence emerged to allow one person to be connected to another.  For example, a daughter to be added to a father.  A cause for celebration as it reduces the number of separate families in the database and increases accuracy and future confusion.



There are a huge number of entries in my database form a variety of sources. So, even though there is no project that covers a particular source or region does not mean there are no entries for that source or region. The projects cover where I systematically extract entries from a source to make sure the source has been 'milked' for all it's worth. The What's New page also shows when I have worked on a particular project.


Activity follows the Guild of One-Name Studies "Seven Pillars of Wisdom":

  1. Data Collection - from correspondents, projects (see below) and serendipity! I include maintenance in here as, with a large study over 30 years, a significant number of flaws creep in that need correcting.

  2. Analysis - researching, investigating, linking, etc. Also constant review for corrections;

  3. Synthesis - drawing conclusions about the Dowlings, making sense of it all!

  4. Publicising the Study - This website... I am not particularly technical so this is a challenge, I also promote the study on some DNA sites;

  5. Responding to enquiries - helping where I can, adding their families to the database or trying to make sense of DNA matches. I will reply, maybe not immediately, but I will always respond.;

  6. Publication of results - again this website, as much as possible is available as I believe widespread sharing is the basis of its permanent legacy;

  7. Preserving the study - A more significant challenge than it sounds, some arrangements have been made through the Guild for the study to be available when I am dead and gone!