Saskatchewan is in the middle of Canada and is home to approximately 1,090,000 people. The province’s capital is Regina, and the province has a variety of climates in it. The northern half of the province is subarctic, but the lower half of the province is both cold semi-arid and warm semi-humid continental. Saskatchewan’s economy is diverse, based around forestry, agriculture, fishing, and hunting. Mining for potash and uranium are substantial sources of revenue for the province.

SurnameGiven NameLifespanLabelDatePlaceMemo
Adnams Isabel May b. 23 Jul 1893, d. 23 Apr 1946Death23 Apr 1946Yorkton, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Dowling Clifford b. 1 Nov 1927, d. 1997Residence1949Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaG1231 5th Avenue North West
Occupation1949Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaGOffice Clerk
Marriage6 Sep 1952Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Death1997Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Burial1997Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaGRosedale Cemetery
Dowling Floyd Douglas b. 12 Nov 1922, d. 14 Nov 2004Birth12 Nov 1922Bladworth, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Dowling Frank Joseph b. 28 Aug 1953, d. 6 Jan 1991Birth28 Aug 1953Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Death6 Jan 1991Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Dowling John Arthur b. Abt 1912, d. DECEASEDResidence1 Jun 1921Bengough, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dowling Josephine b. 1906, d. DECEASEDCensus2 Apr 1911Glasnevin, Saskatchewan, CanadaGAge: 5; Marital Status: Unmarried; Relation to Head: Daughter
Dowling Thomas b. 18 Jun 1872, d. DECEASEDResidence1 Jun 1921Bengough, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada
Dowling Thomas Richard b. 2 Jun 1870, d. 31 Jan 1949Birth2 Jun 1870Elrose, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Death31 Jan 1949Elrose, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Klassen Ida b. 5 Aug 1923, d. 27 Sep 2008Birth5 Aug 1923Burr, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Matthewson Evelyn Jessie b. 13 Nov 1918, d. 12 Apr 1990Birth13 Nov 1918Strasbourg, Saskatchewan, CanadaG
Turner Ella May b. 20 Apr 1887, d. DECEASEDResidence1 Jun 1921Bengough, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada