Alberta is one of Canada’s western provinces and is the country’s fourth-most populated province. It has a population of around 4,068,000. The province’s capital is Edmonton. Alberta has an extremely strong economy, driven primarily by oil, natural gas, forestry, and tourism. It has both large mountains and wide-open plains, and the region is mainly covered by boreal forest.

SurnameGiven NameLifespanLabelDatePlaceMemo
Rita b. 14 Aug 1923, d. 15 Mar 2017Residence1962Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG153 Wildwood Drive
Death15 Mar 2017Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Bolton Eleanor b. 4 Jun 1840, d. May 1904DeathMay 1904Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling Christopher Joseph b. 20 Feb 1922, d. 11 Nov 1981Marriage4 Sep 1950Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Death11 Nov 1981Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling David b. 1887, d. 1976Death1976Alberta, Canada
Dowling Ezra b. 13 Oct 1834, d. 13 Nov 1907Death13 Nov 1907Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaGAge: 73
BurialAft 13 Nov 1907Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaGEdmonton Munincipal Cemetery; Plot 26 21; Memorial ID: 149354493
Dowling Jerome Paul b. 8 Oct 1950, d. 21 Jul 2012Birth8 Oct 1950Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Death21 Jul 2012Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling John Edward b. 4 Nov 1920, d. 28 Jul 2017Occupation1962Calgary, Alberta, CanadaGSalesman
Residence1962Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG153 Wildwood Drive
Death28 Jul 2017Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling Lawrence Albert b. 5 Nov 1919, d. 1 Aug 1967Occupation1965Calgary, Alberta, CanadaGTeacher
Residence1965Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG7616 7th Street South West
Death1 Aug 1967Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
BurialAft 1 Aug 1967Calgary, Calgary Census Division, Alberta, Canada
Dowling Lucinda b. 1850, d. 24 Apr 1926Death24 Apr 1926Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling Mary Clare b. 27 Jul 1932, d. 15 Feb 2006Marriage22 May 1954Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling Olive b. 1869, d. 1934Death1934Alberta, Canada
Dowling Sarah b. 1873, d. 1967Death1967Alberta, Canada
Dowling Standford J d. 23 Nov 1977Death23 Nov 1977Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Dowling Theodore Edward b. Bet Oct and Dec 1837, d. 1921Marriage4 Apr 1864Acadia, Alberta, CanadaGFrédéricton (Bureau de Santé), Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)
Kane Mary Margaret Lillian b. 24 Aug 1911, d. 31 Mar 1998Death31 Mar 1998Calgary, Newell, Alberta, CanadaG
Klassen Ida b. 5 Aug 1923, d. 27 Sep 2008Residence1965Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG7616 7th Street South West
Death27 Sep 2008Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Mathewson John Walter b. 7 May 1882, d. 14 Sep 1959Death14 Sep 1959Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Matthewson Evelyn Jessie b. 13 Nov 1918, d. 12 Apr 1990Marriage4 Sep 1950Calgary, Alberta, CanadaG
Schmidt William d. Bef 1962Marriage22 May 1954Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Strodl Vera Elsie b. 16 Jul 1918, d. 11 Jan 2015Occupation1952Lethbridge, Alberta, CanadaGPilot Instructor for Commonwealth Training Programme
Immigration1952Alberta, Canada
OccupationAft 1952Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaGPilot Instructor for Commonwealth Training Programme, including aerobatics
Death11 Jan 2015Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaG
Wolhaupter Caroline Jane b. 1841, d. DECEASEDMarriage4 Apr 1864Acadia, Alberta, CanadaGFrédéricton (Bureau de Santé), Acadie (Nova Scotia and New Brunswick)