Allan Duncan Dowling (4 Jul 1903 - 13 Apr 1983)Poet
Poet; Author; Publisher; Librettist; Film Producer; Philanthropist (Sponsoring young violinists)
Bartholomew Dowling (1823 - 20 Nov 1863)Author and poet of "The Brigade of Fontenoy"
Poet of "Reminiscences of the Mines" published in Pioneer Magazine
Charles Hutton Dowling (22 Jun 1822 - 1871)Author: "Tables for Comparing the British with Metric Measures and Weights"
Author: Iron work. Practical formulæ and general rules for finding the strain and breaking weight of wrought iron bridges
Clement Dowling (Bet Apr and Jun 1840 - Aft 15 May 1905)Author: "Pedigree of the Field Family"
Cyril Ronald Dowling (17 Jun 1916 - DECEASED)Ticket Writer
Frank Lewis Dowling (18 Oct 1823 - 10 Oct 1867)Writer, Journalist and Editor of 'Bell's Life'
Frank Vincent Dowling (30 Nov 1870 - 25 Apr 1930)Author: Evolutionary Science and the Christian Religion
Geoffrey Barrow Dowling (9 Aug 1891 - 1 Jun 1976)Author Contributor to Medical Journals
Jeremiah J Dowling (Bef 4 Mar 1830 - 1906)Author
Author of The Claddagh Boatman
John Reginald Dowling (5 Jul 1923 - 28 Jul 2000)Author of "RAF Helicopters - The First 20 Years"
John William Dowling (12 May 1807 - 4 Jul 1878)Author of The History of Romanism from Earliest Corruptions of Christianity to the Present Time Pub. E Walker
Joseph Augustus Dowling (Abt 1797 - Dec 1828)Shorthand writer
Author of published accounts of trials
Richard Dowling (3 Jun 1846 - 28 Jul 1898)Journalist & Author
Novelist, Author
Sidney Edward Dowling (Dec 1893 - Bet Jul and Sep 1955)Age: 21; Writer & General Servant on board "Nankin" (Official Number 131857) via Calcutta and Bombay
Theodore Edward Dowling (Bet Oct and Dec 1837 - 1921)Co-author of "Subjects for Meditation"
Co-author of "Six Branches of the Missionary Work of the Church"
Author "The Abysinian Church"
Author "Sketches of Georgian Church History"
Author of "Gaza: A City of Many Battles"
Author of "The Armenian Church"
Vincent George Dowling (12 Nov 1785 - 25 Oct 1852)Writer of articles in Fistiana or The Oracle of the Ring
William Dowling ( - DECEASED)Poet
Jorge Alejandro Dowling-Desmadryl (3 Aug 1903 - 14 Jun 1979)Author of Religion, Chamanismo y Mitologia Mapuche - Editorial Universtaria
Charles Sydenham Lineus Dowling-Maitland (Bet Jan and Mar 1878 - Bet Jul and Sep 1950)Author
T G Dowling-Maitland ( - DECEASED)Author of "A Woman's Catspaw" published in My Qieen Library No 614 by Aldine Publishing Company Limited
Albert Constantin Ghika-Kefal (27 Dec 1868 - Oct 1925)Writer
Joseph Nelson Goucher (11 Dec 1889 - 18 Feb 1976)Writer, Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" as Jimmy Dugan
Writer of story "The Greatest Love"
Writer of play "The Heart Of The North"
Writer and Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" on Broadway as Jimmy Dugan
Writer, Lyricist and Actor for play "Honeymoon Lane" on Broadway as Tim Murphy
Composer, writer of play "Sidewalks of New York" on Broadway with wife Ray Dooley and a Henry Dowling in cast as well as beig star Bob Hope
Producer, Writer of screenplay and story for "Rainbow Man" also actor as Rainbow Ryan
Actor and Author of plays
Producer, Actor and Screenplay writer for "Honeymoon Lane"
William Robert Henry Greene (Bet Jan and Mar 1880 - Bet Oct and Dec 1956)Third Writer in Royal Navy
First Writer in Royal Navy
Alma Irene Hardwicke (10 Sep 1922 - DECEASED)Ticket Writer
William Patrick Hitler (12 Mar 1911 - Nov 1987)Accountant ('Writer' is handwritten and then apparently crossed-out)
Harry W Pemberton (Apr 1860 - 1938)Writer for Daily Paper
Nancy Claire Werner (25 Jul 1926 - 20 Sep 2015)Writer; wrote and published novel "Renate's Journey"