Sarah BuellAuthor of "Flip Along Fun"
Sarah Doolan ( - DECEASED)Author of "Not Just Another Quilt"; Contemporary and alternative quilt designs. Includes 20 designs with photographs and detailed step-by-step instructions.
James Doolin ( - DECEASED)Author of "Doolin's Troubleshooter's Bible" - Air-conditioning, plumbing & heating
John B Doolin (Mar 1879 - 1939)Author of Field, Forest and Stream
Author of Outdoor Oklahoma
Paul Rice Doolin (1897 - 1960)Odist; Poet
Peter J Doolin ( - DECEASED)Author of "Medical Assisting Made Incredibly Easy - Lab Competencies"; Published: 2007 by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; ISBN-13: 9780781764032
William Doolin ( - DECEASED)Author of "Dublin's Surgeon Anatomists and Other Essays" A Centenary Tribute; Publisher Dept. of the history medicine Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland; ISBN No.0 9512305 0 6
A Dowling ( - DECEASED)Published "History of Julius Caesar Volume 1"; 350-page hardcover book;No author is stated; There is a Frontispiece portrait of Caesar; printing date is 1865.
Allan Duncan Dowling (4 Jul 1903 - 13 Apr 1983)Poet
Poet; Author; Publisher; Librettist; Film Producer; Philanthropist (Sponsoring young violinists)
Allen Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of the "Great American Pastime" - Notes on Pker, the Game and the Players
Bartholomew Dowling (1823 - 20 Nov 1863)Author and poet of "The Brigade of Fontenoy"
Poet of "Reminiscences of the Mines" published in Pioneer Magazine
Brownie Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author; Illustrator of "Tinka and His Friends" with John Mansfield; Published by Thomas Nelson & Sons. Charming little story set in Australia about a little aborigine boy and hsi friends
Charles Hatton Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Iron Work - Practical Formulae and General Rules for Finding the STrain and Breaking Weight of Wrought Iron Bridges"
Author of "Tables for Comparing the British with Metric Measures and Weights" published by Lockwood & Co. Stationers of London
Charles Hutton Dowling (22 Jun 1822 - 1871)Author: "Tables for Comparing the British with Metric Measures and Weights"
Author: Iron work. Practical formulæ and general rules for finding the strain and breaking weight of wrought iron bridges
Clement Dowling (Bet Apr and Jun 1840 - Aft 15 May 1905)Author: "Pedigree of the Field Family"
Craig Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Insight Guide to New Zealand"; APA Productions; ISBN 13: 9780887294815
Cyril Ronald Dowling (17 Jun 1916 - DECEASED)Ticket Writer
D Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Fictions of Nuclear Disaster"; Macmillan London- Insight into the writing of nuclear disaster fiction
Dave Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Wrong Word Dictionary" ; Marion Street PR; ISBN-13: 9780 9729 93777;
David Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Captial Letters" Literary Criticism;
David Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Jack Nicholson - A Biography" Publishers: Stein & Day Publishers; ISBN-13: 9780812829532
Delores Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "In Your Midst"
Author of "The Legend of the Shepherd"; Illustrated by: De Grazia. copyright-1973
Denise Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Good Night Engines"; Clarion 2003
Author of "Ohio Thunder"; Clarion
Author of "Wake Up Engines"; Clarion
Author of "Bug Patrol"; Clarion
Edward Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Alcoholism A Source Book For The Priest" published by the NCCA (National Clergy Conference on Alcoholism),
Edward J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Know Your Lakers of World War 1"; Marine Publishing
Ellen C Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Standup Trainer"; Published by iUnivese Inc in 2000
Ellen C Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Gabby and the Forest Fires"
Enos Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Restoration Movement"; Lincoln Christian College and Seminary, 1980, 128 pages
F V Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Evolutionary Science and the Christian Religion Being"; The Livingstone Lectures Delivered in Camden College Sydney
Frank Lewis Dowling (18 Oct 1823 - 10 Oct 1867)Writer, Journalist and Editor of 'Bell's Life'
Frank Vincent Dowling (30 Nov 1870 - 25 Apr 1930)Author: Evolutionary Science and the Christian Religion
Geoffrey Barrow Dowling (9 Aug 1891 - 1 Jun 1976)Author Contributor to Medical Journals
Herndon G Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Amphibians and Reptiles in Arkansas" 51 pages, 1 map
Author of "A Guide to the Snake Hemipenis" with Jay M Savage;
James M Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Best of Time Rolex Watches"; An Unauthorized History, 2nd Ed. by James M. Dowling & Jeffrey P. Hess
Jeanette Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author; Playwright of "The Young Elizabeth" with Francis Letton; 122 pages
Jennie Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Sting of the Adder" of "The History of the Stanley Family"; American Baptist Publication Society - Philadelphia
Jeremiah J Dowling (Bef 4 Mar 1830 - 1906)Author
Author of The Claddagh Boatman
John Dowling ( - DECEASED)Poet; Artist; Publisher
John Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Nights of Weeping and Mornings of Joy"; Published 1868 third edition U.D. Ward.144 pages. The binding is a green cloth, bevelled edges, green lettering over gold front and gold lettering on the spine.
John E Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Neurons and Networks"
John Reginald Dowling (5 Jul 1923 - 28 Jul 2000)Author of "RAF Helicopters - The First 20 Years"
John William Dowling (12 May 1807 - 4 Jul 1878)Author of The History of Romanism from Earliest Corruptions of Christianity to the Present Time Pub. E Walker
Joseph Augustus Dowling (Abt 1797 - Dec 1828)Shorthand writer
Author of published accounts of trials
Joshua Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Monaro - Rebirth of a Legend"
Julia Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Discover Dinnertime"; Published byTradery House in 1998; ISBN-13: 9781879958326
Kathleen Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Grace in Dying"; Published: 1998 by Harpe San Francisco; ISBN-13: 9780062515643
Lela Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Alice"; Published by Paw Prints; ISBN-13: 9781435222793
Maria Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Brief Histories - Czechoslovakia"
Mary Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Irish Laws"; Illustrated by Ian McCullough; Hardcover translated into German; by Appletree Press Publishing; 4 1/2 x 6 inches
Mary Agnes Dowling (1892 - DECEASED)Stenographer (shorthand writer and transcriber) in office
Mary M Dowling (1922 - DECEASED)Stenographer (shorthand writer and transcriber) in Shirt Factory Office
Michael Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Boosting Your Pet's Self-Esteem"; published by Howell ; Illustrated by Sarah Buell Dowling
N H Dowling ( - DECEASED)Poet; wrote The Boys of Sixty-One and Sixty-Five
Noel Thomas Dowling (14 Aug 1885 - Feb 1969)Author of "Cases on Constitutional Law"; 3rd Edition, from the University Casebook Series. 7" x 10", 1118.
Norman E Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Mechanical Behaviour of Materials"; Publisher: Prentice Hall; ISBN: 0131863126;
P J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Hedge Schools of Ireland"; A Mercier Paperback. An excellent mass of information on the hedgeschools at work. 126 pages
Patrick C Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Barrels & Daring"; Published by Timothy & Company; A history of the cooperage firm of J.H. Hamlen & Son, Inc., Portland, Maine, and Little Rock, Arkansas. 1846-1977.144 page soft cover illustrated with black and white photographs.
Patrick J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "California: The Irish Dream"; Publisher : Golden Gate Pub in 1989-06; ISBN : 0962097438
Paul Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Elvis: The Ultimate Album Cover Book"; First Edition - 1996 - HC - DJ - published by Harry N. Abrams, Inc./New York - 160 pages - 10.5x10.25 in size.
Paul Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Hungry Anteater"
Author of "Jimmy's Sunny Book"
Author and illustrator of books for children aged 1-5 years
Author of "You Can Do It Rabbit"; Hyperion Books;
Author of "Happy Birthday Owl"; Hyperion Books
Paul J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Web Advertising and Marketting"; Paul J Dowling Jr, Thomas Kuegler Jr & Joshua O Testerman; Published: 1996 by Prima Publishing; ISBN-13: 9780761503835
Peter J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "International Human Resource Management"; with Denice E Welch & Randall S Schuler;
Phil Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Mountaineers";
R Dowling ( - Bet 1914 and 1919)Author of "All About Ships & Shipping" - A handbook of popular nautical information; with numerous diagrams, plans and illustrations; Published: London Alexander Moring Ltd. The De La More Press, 32 George Street, Hanover Square, London, W. 1909
Richard Dowling (3 Jun 1846 - 28 Jul 1898)Author of "Fatal Bonds"
Author of "Mystery of Killard"
Novelist; Author; Editor of humourous journals "Zozimus" and "Ireland's Eye"
Journalist & Author
Author of "Tempest Driven"; New York Publishing
Novelist, Author
Ruth Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Human Body - Your Body and How it Works"; With Bertel Bruun MD; Published by Random House, New York 1982.
Author of "The Brain - What it Is, What it Does"; With Dr. Bertel Bruun Illustrated by Peter Bruun 1989
Seamus DowlingAuthor of "Thank You, Partner - The History of Bridge in Ireland" by Liberties Press
Author of "Great Players, Great Plays: 80 years of Irish Bridge Deals, 1932-2012"
Author of "Flowers That Bloometh" by Liberties Press
Sherwood Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Gray Whale Flagship"; Published: New York Book Company
Sidney Edward Dowling (Dec 1893 - Bet Jul and Sep 1955)Victoria Docks; Age: 21; Writer & General Servant on board "Nankin" (Official Number 131857) via Calcutta and Bombay
Terence William Dowling (21 Mar 1947 - DECEASED)Author of "Basic Black"
Author of "An Intimate Knowledge of the Night"
Author of "Rynosseros"; Published by Guild America, 1990 ISBN: 1-875346-01-5; about sand sailors in futuristic Australian setting.
Author of "The Mars You Have in Me"
Science Fiction Writer; Freelance Journalist; Critic; Editor; Game Designer; Reviewer
Thady Dowling (1544 - 1628)Author; Writer
Theodore Edward Dowling (Bet Oct and Dec 1837 - 1921)Co-author of "Subjects for Meditation"
Co-author of "Six Branches of the Missionary Work of the Church"
Author "The Abysinian Church"
Author "Sketches of Georgian Church History"
Author of "Gaza: A City of Many Battles"
Author of "The Armenian Church"
Thomas I Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Learning Why"; with Kenneth Freeman, Nan Lacy, James S Tippett; Former country school book with name written inside front cover.
Tom Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Coach - A Season with Lombardi"
Vincent George Dowling (12 Nov 1785 - 25 Oct 1852)Writer of articles in Fistiana or The Oracle of the Ring
Vincent Gerald Betrand Dowling (7 Sep 1929 - 10 May 2013)Author of "Astride the Moon - A Theatrical Life"
Virginia Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Dirt" with Roger Karban; Stellar Publishing for the Illinois State Fair, The Springfield Mile, Fifty Years of AAA / USAC and National Championship Racing. 196 pages.
W W Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "The Bible Handbook"; Printed in 1887 by the Christian Publishing Company, St. Louis.
William Dowling ( - DECEASED)Poet
William Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Wayfarers in Medicine"; Published by William Heinemann Medical Books Ltd, London 1947; Printed by Cahill & Co Ltd, Dublin
William C Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Confessions of a Spoilsport"; My Life and Hard Times Fighting Sports Corruption at an Old Eastern University; Auto-biography; Pennsylvania State Univesrity Press in 2007
William J Dowling ( - DECEASED)Author of "Beatlesongs"
Jorge Alejandro Dowling-Desmadryl (3 Aug 1903 - 14 Jun 1979)Author of Religion, Chamanismo y Mitologia Mapuche - Editorial Universtaria
Charles Sydenham Lineus Dowling-Maitland (Bet Jan and Mar 1878 - Bet Jul and Sep 1950)Author
T G Dowling-Maitland ( - DECEASED)Author of "A Woman's Catspaw" published in My Qieen Library No 614 by Aldine Publishing Company Limited
Albert Constantin Ghika-Kefal (27 Dec 1868 - Oct 1925)Writer
Joseph Nelson Goucher (11 Dec 1889 - 18 Feb 1976)Writer, Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" as Jimmy Dugan
Writer of story "The Greatest Love"
Writer of play "The Heart Of The North"
Writer and Actor in play "Sally, Irene and Mary" on Broadway as Jimmy Dugan
Writer, Lyricist and Actor for play "Honeymoon Lane" on Broadway as Tim Murphy
Composer, writer of play "Sidewalks of New York" on Broadway with wife Ray Dooley and a Henry Dowling in cast as well as beig star Bob Hope
Producer, Writer of screenplay and story for "Rainbow Man" also actor as Rainbow Ryan
Actor and Author of plays
Producer, Actor and Screenplay writer for "Honeymoon Lane"
William Robert Henry Greene (Bet Jan and Mar 1880 - Bet Oct and Dec 1956)Third Writer in Royal Navy
First Writer in Royal Navy
Alma Irene Hardwicke (10 Sep 1922 - DECEASED)Ticket Writer
William Patrick Hitler (12 Mar 1911 - Nov 1987)Accountant ('Writer' is handwritten and then apparently crossed-out)
Harry W Pemberton (Apr 1860 - 1938)Writer for Daily Paper
Carolyn Ann Rowell (16 Jul 1946 - 9 Mar 2018)Author of "The Dowling Family - Their ANcestors and Descendants"
Nancy Claire Werner (25 Jul 1926 - 20 Sep 2015)Writer; wrote and published novel "Renate's Journey"