Railway, Railroad etc.

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Anset Thomas William b. Abt 1874, d. 29 Jan 1933Railway Porter
Arnold Thomas b. 1897, d. UNKNOWNLNW Railway
Askin Joseph b. 1856, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Beasley Wiliam d. DECEASEDRailwayman
Birks Albert Sydney b. 23 Mar 1890, d. 11 Aug 1960Railwayman
Railway Guard LMS [London Midland Scottish Railway]
Bodenham William b. 1863, d. DECEASEDPlatt Layn Water Works (Railway)
Brennan Michael J b. 1871, d. DECEASEDMotorman on Railway
Burke Patrick d. DECEASEDRailway Man
Burlton Leslie Victor b. Bet Apr and Jun 1886, d. 23 Aug 1914Great Western Railway - Chairer, Engineering Department
Casey Patrick d. DECEASEDRailroad Worker
Daniel Walter R b. 27 Dec 1840, d. 17 Aug 1916Railroad Conductor
Clerk on Railroad
Clerk in Steam Railroad Office
Davies Fred b. 19 Jun 1921, d. Bef 1981Train Driver
Davis Norman Joseph b. 1897, d. DECEASEDRailway Clerk
Delaney Patrick b. Bef 16 Feb 1864, d. DECEASEDRailway Official
Railway Porter
Delany Thomas b. Bef 28 Feb 1860, d. DECEASEDRailway Porter
Dolan John James b. May 1884, d. Aft 1930Painter helper on Railroad
Dolan Morgan d. 29 Dec 1869Fireman on Rail Road
Donohoe Denis b. Bef 1 Mar 1852, d. DECEASEDGate Keeper for G.S.W.R. (Great Southern & Western Railway)
Donohoe Mathew b. 1852, d. DECEASEDGanger on G.S.W.R.(Great Southern & Western Railway)
Donohue Martin F b. 11 Nov 1848, d. 14 Aug 1911Foreman-Straw boss N.Western R.R. California ..worked for the railroad until his death.
Railroad Foreman
Donohue Martin Francis b. 20 Feb 1886, d. 5 Sep 1973Tax Collector; Chief Conductor Northwestern Pacific Railroad 1906-1931; Treasurer of Marin County, CA 1951
Dooley John b. Bef 18 Jan 1885, d. DECEASEDRailway Official
Dooley John L b. 31 May 1861, d. Bef 1 Apr 1930Railroad Inspector
Electrician for Street Railway
Dooley Margaret E b. 1 Mar 1908, d. 19 Apr 1996Stenographer with Railroad
Doolin James b. 3 Jul 1878, d. 31 Dec 1957Shop Worker for CBQ Rail Road Company
Doolin Jesse Frank b. 20 Dec 1890, d. 14 Oct 1968Laborer at Railroad shops
Doolin Jesse R b. 16 Jan 1855, d. 15 Jan 1921Carpenter on Louisville & Nashville Rail Road (L&N RR)
Doolin John W b. 10 Aug 1850, d. 14 Apr 1927Carpenter on Louisville & Nashville Rail Road (L&N RR)
Employee of Louisville & Nashville Rail Road (L&N RR)
Dowling Albert b. 1882, d. DECEASEDRailway Carman
Dowling Albert Henry Jabez b. Jul 1883, d. Jun 1958Railway Clerk
Dowling Andrew Dominick b. 5 Mar 1886, d. Abt 1964Conductor - Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road
Conductor on Rail Road
Yard Conductor on Rail Road
Conductor - Locust Point Yards. Baltimore & Ohio Rail Road
Dowling Arthur Joseph b. 12 Aug 1893, d. 19 Nov 1969Assistant Mechanical Engineer for Central of Georgia Railway Company
Test Assistant Engineer on Railroad
Dowling Brian d. DECEASEDStation Agent on Railway between Belfast and Londonderry
Dowling Carl Leonard Joseph b. Abt 1900, d. Abt 1958Railway Guard
Dowling Catherine b. 1848, d. DECEASEDBlacksmith in Railway
Dowling Charles Edward b. 5 Oct 1898, d. 4 Apr 1975Plumber on Steam railroad
Dowling Charles Hatton d. DECEASEDAuthor of "Iron Work - Practical Formulae and General Rules for Finding the STrain and Breaking Weight of Wrought Iron Bridges"
Dowling Charles Hutton b. 22 Jun 1822, d. 1871Author: Iron work. Practical formulæ and general rules for finding the strain and breaking weight of wrought iron bridges
Dowling Daniel J b. 1903, d. DECEASEDRail Q.C. Freight Clerk
Dowling David b. 1878, d. DECEASEDRailway worker
Dowling Donald b. 1922, d. 22 Sep 1994Railwayman in London
Dowling Edward b. 17 Sep 1879, d. DECEASEDCarman for Great Western Railway D & E line based in Dublin on 0/20/00 a week
Carman for Great Western Railway D & E line based in Dublin on 0/21/00 a week
Carman for Great Western Railway D & E line based in Dublin on 0/22/00 a week
Carman for Great Western Railway D & E line based in Dublin - Dismissed
Dowling Edward b. 1885, d. DECEASEDRailway Porter
Dowling Edward F b. 12 Apr 1883, d. 1952Rail Road Labour
Dowling Edward G b. Mar 1890, d. DECEASEDRailroad Labourer
Dowling Elvin d. DECEASEDRailroad Worker
Dowling George b. 1818, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Dowling George b. 1856, d. Dec 1919Railway Clerk
Dowling George B b. Mar 1877, d. DECEASEDBrakeman [Railway?)
Dowling Harold b. 30 Mar 1923, d. DECEASEDUnderground Engine Driver; Coal Worker
Dowling Henry b. 1864, d. DECEASEDPlatelayer on Railway on SWR (South Western Railway)
Dowling Henry C W b. 25 May 1902, d. DECEASEDGrade 2 Railway Porter
Dowling Hugh Coskrey b. 11 Jul 1915, d. 29 Dec 2001Railroad Worker in Ralroad Office
Dowling Jaby Layton b. 18 Sep 1896, d. 18 Apr 1982Railway Worker on Atlantic Coast Railway Line
Dowling James b. 12 Aug 1822, d. 5 Nov 1917Railworker
Dowling James b. 15 Oct 1875, d. 1 Jan 194512 months service as Constable with Midland Railway Company
Dowling James Edward b. 27 Apr 1925, d. 13 Mar 2019ACL Railroad Machinist Apprentice
ACL & SCL Railroad Machinist & Master Mechanic
Retired from SCL Railroad Chief Mechanical Office
Dowling John b. 1831, d. 26 Aug 1898Works on Rail Road
Dowling John b. Abt 1858, d. DECEASEDRailway Agent
Railway Traffic Superintendent
Dowling John b. 1860, d. DECEASEDEngine Driver
Dowling John b. 14 Feb 1866, d. 28 Jan 1935Baggage Master on Steam Rail Road
Dowling John b. Mar 1891, d. DECEASEDWatchman for Railway Company
Dowling John Conrad b. 1889Engine Driver
Dowling John J b. 11 Apr 1869, d. 11 Aug 1933Railroad Engineer
Dowling John W b. 18 Sep 1862, d. 24 Mar 1951Works on Rail Road
Rail Road Labour
Foreman Rail Road
Foreman Rail Road Section
Dowling John William b. 27 May 1878, d. 20 Nov 1955Auditor Steam Railway Office
Dowling Joseph b. Mar 1850, d. 25 Apr 1916Railroad Trackman
Dowling Joseph b. Dec 1850, d. 24 Mar 1905Railway Porter
Dowling Joseph William b. 1891, d. 1 Jul 1960Railway Employee
Dowling Leonard b. 17 Jun 1837, d. 12 Apr 1899Railway Engineer in charge of the Northern Section of Government Railways
Dowling Leonard John b. 1872, d. DECEASEDAssociated with Railroad
Dowling Lionel Edward b. 30 Aug 1885, d. 27 Dec 1973Resident Engineer for Indian State Railways; joined the East India Company & India Office
Executive Engineer for Indian State Railways
Dowling Margret M b. Dec 1898, d. DECEASEDClerk for Railroad
Supervisor? Railway Company
Dowling Mary E b. Aug 1894, d. DECEASEDClerk for Railroad
Book Keeper Railroad Company
Dowling Maurice Joseph b. 22 May 1883, d. 24 Aug 1966Switchman for Railroad
Dowling Michael b. 1823, d. DECEASEDEngine Driver
Railway Wheel Turner (Car Maker)
Dowling Michael b. 20 Aug 1868, d. DECEASEDRailway Miles Man
Railway Ganger
Dowling Michael J b. Aug 1854, d. DECEASEDRailroad Fireman
Dowling Morris b. 1872, d. DECEASEDDispatcher on Steam Railway
Dowling Patrick b. Bet 1835 and 1845, d. DECEASEDEngine Driver
Dowling Patrick b. 4 Feb 1839, d. 7 Feb 1912None; Retired Railroad Contractor
Dowling Patrick John b. 17 Mar 1842, d. 11 Oct 1917Rail Road Contractor
Dowling Patrick Joseph b. 15 Jul 1880, d. 12 May 1929Detichal? with Railroad Company
Dowling Patrick Michael b. 26 Sep 1878, d. DECEASEDAssistant Quaymaster Railway Company
Dowling Richard John b. 2 Jul 1902, d. 1989Mechanic on railroad
Dowling Samuel b. 1837, d. DECEASEDLabourer in Rail Road Shops
Dowling Stephen J b. Jun 1873, d. 9 Jan 1928Railroad Switchman
Dowling Thomas d. DECEASEDMedical Examiner with Railroad
Dowling Thomas b. Bef 10 Apr 1853, d. DECEASEDRailway Porter
Dowling Thomas Erwin b. Jul 1887, d. DECEASEDYard Master - Steam Railroad
Yard Master - Steam Railroad
Dowling Thomas J b. Aug 1870, d. DECEASEDMotorrman on Street Railway
Dowling Thomas Nicholas b. 17 Nov 1874, d. 11 May 1940Pass Inspector with Standard Rail Company
Dowling Vincent Gerald Betrand b. 7 Sep 1929, d. 10 May 2013Actor in movie: "Johnny Nobody" as a train barman
Dowling William b. 1896, d. DECEASEDMachinist on Railroad
Dowling William F b. Aug 1852, d. Aft 1 May 1930Railroad Labourer
Dowling William Patrick b. 5 Jan 1878, d. DECEASEDGeneral Labourer and Railway Servant
Dowling William Presley b. 13 Oct 1840, d. 24 Jun 1922Foreman on Rail Road Section
Downing Bartholomew b. 1882, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Dulin Joseph Michael b. 5 Aug 1888, d. 5 Apr 1967Railway Machinist
Water Services on Rail Road; Water Service Repair
Egan Cecelia M b. 1869, d. Bef 28 Apr 1939Clerk for L J Railroad
Flynn George J. b. 1865, d. 23 Nov 1926railroad switchman
Foulkes Arthur b. 1885, d. DECEASEDRailway Train Examiner
Freer Thomas b. 1848, d. DECEASEDLabourer on Railway
Galvin John b. Bef 30 Nov 1827, d. DECEASEDRailway Policeman
Green Robert b. 1824, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Green Thomas b. 1832, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Grime Fred b. Sep 1880, d. DECEASEDRailway Porter
Guise George b. 1820, d. 16 May 1907Retired Railway Officer
Hennessy Edward b. 1861, d. DECEASEDRailway Official
Railway Signalman
Hill Philip Henry b. 1865, d. 1 Jul 1934Railway Carriage Builder (apprentice)
Hill Thomas b. 1838, d. 13 Sep 1914Cabinet Maker & Railway Carriage Fitter
Railway Carriage Builder
Railway Carriage Builder
James Peter b. 6 Feb 1886, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1962Loader L M S R [London Midland Scottish Railway] Heavy Worker
Jordan Jeremiah b. 1875, d. DECEASEDPlate Layer on Railway
Lord Arthur b. 1889, d. DECEASEDClerk for L & Y Railway Company [Lancashire & Yorkshire]
Mathews Bernard b. Bef 12 May 1857, d. DECEASEDRailway Porter
Railway Porter
McSweeney James d. DECEASEDRailway Worker
Mulholland Henry b. 1819, d. 1906Operated Wagon Train from St Joseph's
Nankivell Robert Rogers b. 1811, d. DECEASEDMine Engine Driver
Oglesby Edward Smith d. DECEASEDRailway E? Foreman
Olson Conrad J b. 1888, d. DECEASEDMachinist at Railway Shop
Machinist for Northern Pacific Rail Road
Olson Eugene E b. 1916, d. DECEASEDLabourer for Northern Pacific Rail Road
Osborn Henry b. 1826, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Railway Servant
Papworth John b. 1878, d. DECEASEDRailway servant / Porter
Petford George b. 1815, d. UNKNOWNEngine Driver
Phalin William J b. 16 Jul 1882, d. 28 Mar 1959Section? Laborer on Railroad
Phelan William b. 1842, d. Bef 1920Railroader
Quinn Patt d. DECEASEDGanger on Railway
Quinn Thomas b. 1856, d. DECEASEDRailway Milesman or Linesman
Russell Melvin H b. 1879, d. UNKNOWNRailroad Caller
Scaife Albert b. Bet Oct and Dec 1866, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1939Striker at Railway Works [smith]
Scaife Albert b. 21 May 1892, d. 8 May 1951Steam Raiser on Railway
Seddon James b. 1852, d. DECEASEDRailway Portman
Railway Porter
Seddon Richard b. 1870, d. DECEASEDRailway Guard
Sellars John Thomas b. Bet Jan and Mar 1877, d. UNKNOWNRailway Wagon Painter
Shea Danuel b. 1903, d. DECEASEDRailway Labourer
Stephens Glasfryn Bayarmia b. 1909, d. DECEASEDEngine Driver
Syme William d. UNKNOWNRailwayman
Thorogood John Martin b. 18 Jul 1905, d. DECEASEDRailway Examiner Wagons & Carriage Cleaner
Tolson Thomas d. UNKNOWNEngine Driver
Watkins Irene b. 18 Mar 1919, d. DECEASEDMounting Pictures for Railway Compartments
Watkins John b. 23 Dec 1885, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1978Metal Carrier London Midland Scottish Railway Iron Foundry
Wells Benjamin M b. 6 Jan 1855, d. 8 May 1919Worker on Pennsylvania Railroad Company
Railroad Agent for Adams Express Company
Wells Benjamin Morrison b. 4 Jun 1814, d. 12 May 1894Rail Road Agent
Agent for Philidelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad
Agent at Railroad Station
Wells Charles G b. 1864, d. DECEASEDAssistant Station Agent for Railroad
Yeomans Walter b. 1890, d. UNKNOWNEngine Cleaner at Loco Dept for Midland Railway Company