Does not include living

Private b. 27 Nov 1960Service: United States Navy
Abbotts Henry b. Bet Apr and Jun 1885, d. Bef 22 Feb 1936Age: 21 & 6 months; Attestation as private to Royal Warwickshire Regiment; WO97 Box 4233 Record 47
Allison William Frederick b. 27 Sep 1896, d. Bet Oct and Dec 1970T Reserve
Age: 19; Short Service enlistment in British Army Royal Army Medical Corp Private
Requested to volunteer from Home Hospital Reserve for Garrison duty only in the Mediterranean
Transferred to W Reserve AC6
Rejoined Colours from Army Reserve Class W
Demobilisation from British Army
Theatre of War: Eastern
Soldier Not Remaining With The Colours
Allison William Frederick Clifford b. 6 May 1919, d. 29 Jun 2005Royal Engineers during World War II
Arnold Samuel b. Bet Jan and Mar 1863, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1936Age: 19; Attestation as Private in British Army 19 Brigade of 38 Regiment [of Foot]
Ashley Walter C d. 6 Feb 2000Army during World War II
Attwood Hubert b. 26 May 1879, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1958Age: 37; Short Service enlistment as Private in British Army Veterinary Corp
Mobilised & Posted to AVC Depot
Discharged being a recruit within three months of service considered unfit for service
Barnes Eric Marvin b. 4 May 1942, d. 25 Mar 1967Captain
Birks Albert Sydney b. 23 Mar 1890, d. 11 Aug 196024430
British Army Royal Warwickshire Regiment 9th Battalion - Private
Discharge: Age: 29; Sickness - Ling's Regulation para 392 xvi(1) Army Order of 1919
Blunn George Henry b. Bet Jan and Mar 1894, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1928Age: 21
Bodenham William John b. Bet Jul and Sep 1895, d. Bet Oct and Dec 1959Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 26th Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers
87770 (Royal Warwickshire Fusiliers)
Rank: Private
57687 (Suffolk Regiment)
Unit: 12th Suffolk Regiment
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Artillery
Age: 26; Enlistment
Brady Norman L b. 3 Mar 1924, d. 14 Mar 2005United States Army during World War II
United States Coast Guard
Brand Harry Leslie J b. Jan 1887, d. Bet Oct and Dec 1953Unit: 1st Royal Scots Fusileers
Rank: Lieutenant Corporal
Prisoner of War
8847 Rank: Class 5
First Award: Discharge?
Brown Edgar Raymond b. 29 Sep 1890, d. 26 Jun 19771319
Bunn Robert Lewis b. 5 Aug 1925, d. 19 Dec 1986Rank: Senior Master Sergeant
Service: United States Army Air Force
Burlton Leslie Victor b. Bet Apr and Jun 1886, d. 23 Aug 19148923
Rank: Pioneer (private)
Unit: Royal Scots Fusiliers 1st Battalion
Service: British Army
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Chalkley Charles b. 1884, d. 17 May 1915Service: British Army
Unit: Bedfordshire Regiment, 2 Battalion
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Rank: Corporal
Chalkley William Noah b. Abt 1876, d. 11 Apr 1918World War 1
Clarke Ernest Edward Dowling b. 19 May 1869, d. DECEASEDRoyal Navy
Cocking George William b. 26 Feb 1894, d. 25 Apr 1923Service: British Army
Unit: Army Reserve
Coldberg Samuel b. Bef 1810, d. DECEASEDCaptain
Conlon Patrick d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Unit: 2nd Company 2nd Battalion Artilliery
Rank: Bombadier
Conmee James Timothy b. 21 Feb 1889, d. 1 Mar 1979Rank: Lance Corporal
Unit: 2nd/3rd Pioneer Battalion of Australian Imperial Force
Service: Australian Army
Gallipoli Campaign
Service: Australian Army
Rank: Lance Corporal
Discharged as medically unfit
Conmee Patrick Duignan b. 24 Apr 1887, d. Bef 10 Feb 19446823
Conmee Robert Emmett b. 14 Jul 1892, d. 5 Feb 1919Rank: Private
Unit: 1st Pioneer (later 3rd) Battalion of Waverly, New South Wales as Engineer
2875 ; 2875A
Service: Australian Army
Embarked on board HMAT "Borda" (A30)
Unit: 1st Australian Divisional Signal Company
Leave to United Kingdom
Unit: D Company 3rd Battalion Australian Infantry; Australian Imperial Force
Conmee Thomas John b. 4 Sep 1890, d. 26 Sep 1917Rank: Private
Service: Australian Army
Unit: 49th Battalion Australian Infantry; Australian Imperial Force
Rank: Steward
Embarked on board HMAT "Ceramic" (A40)
Polygon Wood
Cope Robert Camden d. DECEASEDRank: Lieutenant Colonel
Unit: Armagh Militia
Cox Vernon Charles Vey b. 21 Oct 1897, d. 24 Oct 1983
Enlisted at the age of 17 to fight for his country, he was a gunner in the (Horse-drawn) Royal Artillery Regiment No. 139487. He received a Battlefield Citation for bravery and was wounded in Action in 1916, rising to the rank of Staff Sergeant.
Cunningham Beatrice May b. 10 Dec 1894, d. DECEASEDNext of kin for husband in British Army
Dalton George Alfred b. 17 Aug 1900, d. Bet Jul and Sep 197127641
British Army - Private - 31st G., Royal Warwickshire Regimenmt
Davies Sidney James b. 19 Apr 1886, d. 7 Nov 1968Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 1st and 9th Welch (Welsh) Regiment Infantry Base Depot
Welsh Regiment in France and Flanders; Theatre B1
Listed as "Wounded" on the Casualty List issued by the War Office.
Discharged from Army due to Regulation Para 392 XVI [No longer physically fit for war service]
Davis John Alfred b. 1 Nov 1891, d. Apr 1967Home
4th Battalion Age: 23; Short Service Attestation as Private in South Staffordshire Regiment
Posted Private
Discharged - 37 Days; Not likely to become an efficient soldier, Para 892 iii (c) x Regn.
Private; 10th Battalion Gloucestershire Regiment
Dawlearn Rufus Tony b. 3 Jun 1887, d. 19 Jun 1965World War 1 Draft
Dewer? William b. Bef 1880, d. DECEASEDColonel
Doolan (Unknown) d. Bef 27 Oct 1816Service: British Army or East India Company
Unit: Matross, Artilliery
Doolan Art d. DECEASEDRank: Sergeant
Doolan Cromwell b. Nov 1787, d. Bef 3 Feb 1816Service: British Army
Unit: His Majesty's 24th Foot
Rank: Lieutenant
Doolan Edward b. 1797, d. 3 Dec 1826Service: British Army
Unit: St Helens Artilliary
Doolan Edward b. 1861, d. DECEASEDRank: Colour Sergeant
Service: British Army
Doolan James d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: H.C.S. [HCS is a prefix for many East India Company ships]
Rank: Sergeant
Doolan James d. DECEASEDCadet
Doolan James b. 1821, d. Bef 19 May 1842Service: British Army
Rank: Gunner
Doolan James b. 1827, d. Bef 2 Jul 1850Unit: Her Majesty's 28th Foot
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Doolan James Andrew b. Bet Jan and Mar 1898, d. 25 Oct 19181552
Private - 9th Battalion Manchester Regiment. Signed on for 4 years Service in Territorial Force, 'F' Company
Theatre of War 4B [Africa / German South West Africa]
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Private 11th Battalion Manchester Regiment
Doolan James L b. 1876, d. DECEASEDSpanish-American War
Boxer Rebellion
Unit: 33rd Volunteer Batallion
World War 1
Doolan John d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Artilliery
Doolan John b. 1826, d. Bef 12 Oct 1854Service: British Army
Unit: Her Majesty's 86th Foot
Rank: Private
Doolan John b. 30 Jun 1873, d. DECEASEDBritish Army 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment
Doolan John Livesay b. 1783, d. 24 Aug 1860Surgeon for Royal Navy
Doolan Michael b. 1813, d. DECEASEDService: East India Comnpany
Rank: Private
Unit: East India Company Artilliery
Enlisted for unlimited service
Joined East India Company as recruit at Brompton Barracks and allocated to Bengal India
Unit: 1st Troop, 3rd Brigade Bengal Horse Artilliery
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Bengal Unattached List
Rank: Regimental Sergeant Major
Unit: 4th Bengal European Light Cavalry
Age: 46; Discharged to a pension of 2s 6d per day, payable in United Kingdom (GGO 673)
Doolan Michael b. Abt 1868, d. 30 Jul 19023298
Attested Age: 23
British Army; Private 2nd East Yorkshire Regiment
Home [Victoria Barracks] 293 days
Transferred - 360 days
Transferred - 2 years 204 days
[Iny couft cury ???) Trial
Tried and imprisoned
Returned to duty as Private
Transferred = 3 years 61 days
Victoria Barracks "Home" - 1 year 47 days
Awarded medal clasp; Troops inside an area bounded by a line between Harrismith and Bethlehem, between Senekal and Clocolan, along the Basuto border and back to Harrismith
Awarded medal clasp
Recalled to Army Service
British Army Campaign - Anglo-Boer War
Transferred - 2 years 138 days
British Army Campaign - Anglo-Boer War
British Army Campaign - Anglo-Boer War
Victoria Barracks "Home"
Doolan Michael b. 11 Aug 1898, d. DECEASEDMedal Entitlement Forfeited-Notation States 'Run', to indicate that he deserted His Majesty's Service.
Service: British Royal Navy
Rank: Stoker 1st Class
Doolan Patrick d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Artilliery
Rank: Private
Doolan Patrick b. 1829, d. DECEASED
Under age
Confined by District Court Marshal
Confined by Regiment Court Marshal
Confined by District Court Marshal
Confined by Regiment Court Marshal
Confined by Regiment Court Marshal
Confined by commanding officer
Service: British Army
Age: 17 years & 9 months; Attestation for bounty of £5 15s 6d
Rank: Private 2nd Class
Unit: 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars; Regiment of Light Dragoon
Admission to Chelsea Hospital from Dublin District
Discharged as unfit by Chatham Depot for further military service; 7 years & 297 days service
Doolan Patrick b. 1838Confined by Detachment Court Marshal
Confined by Regiment Court Marshal
Service: British Army
Unit: 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars; Regiment of Light Dragoon
Age: 18 & 6 months; Enlistment forbounty of £5 15s 6d
Age: 28; Discharged; 9 years 170 days on home service; Unfit for further military service
Doolan Patrick b. 1866, d. DECEASEDRank: DNKY - Donkeyman (below deck, in charge of steam engine that propelled coal into main engine but may have run main engine too, today he would be a mechanic)
Service: Merchant Fleet
Unit: MFA Mercantile Fleet Auxilliary
680937 or 680837
Doolan Patrick b. 4 Mar 1875, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Doolan Patrick James b. Abt 1744, d. 11 Aug 1826Massachusetts Unit
Doolan R b. Bef 1900, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
POW [Prisoner of War]
Doolan Richard b. 31 Jul 1891, d. 15 Jan 1953Private 4th City of London Fusiliers
Doolan Thomas John b. 16 Oct 1886, d. DECEASEDService: British Royal Navy
Doolan William d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Her Majesty's 4th Foot
Rank: Private
Doolan William b. Abt 1921, d. 17 May 1944Craftsman 7641704 Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers attd. 91 (12th Bn. The South Staffordshire Regt.) Lt. A. A. Regt.,, Royal Artillery.
Dooley Fintan b. 31 Mar 1893, d. 7 Feb 1951Theatre of War
Theatre of War
Dooley James William b. 1918, d. 14 Feb 19423525853
1st Bn. Manchester Regiment
Dooley John d. DECEASEDRank: Captain
Dooley Thomas b. 4 Mar 1842, d. 13 Apr 1911Civil War (War of the Rebellion)
Dooley Thomas Aloysius b. 22 May 1892, d. 16 Feb 1927Honourable Discharge from United States Navy
Doolin Andrew Franklin b. 13 Aug 1882, d. 2 Oct 1951Military draft registration
Doolin Benjamin F b. 3 Nov 1917, d. 9 Nov 1972Service: United States Marine Corp
Rank: Corporal
Doolin Benjamin Franklin b. 3 Jul 1878, d. 17 Mar 1955Draft Registration; Age: 41
Doolin Clifford b. 29 Sep 1908, d. 29 Jul 1990Service: United States Navy
Unit: PHM 1 (? Pharmacists Mate 1st Class]
Honorable Discharge
Doolin Daniel b. 1765, d. 1829fought in the Indian Wars
Doolin Donald Ray b. 7 Apr 1923, d. 8 Sep 1992Age: 19; United States Army Tec 4 (World War II)
Doolin Ernest Raymond b. 27 Mar 1918, d. 17 Sep 1998Rank: Private
Unit: Warrant Officers
Service: United States Army
Theatre of War: North Africa
Prisoner of War; Stalag 3B; KDOS USA #1-5; ARB BTNS 225-255 52-14
Reported as Prisoner of War
Returned to military control; Liberated or Repatriated
Doolin Glen R b. 9 Jan 1907, d. 2 Jan 1966Private United States Army during World War II - OLC-AM & 5 OLC; Age: 35
Sergeant United States Army during World War II - OLC-AM & 5 OLC; Age: 35
Doolin Homer Buren b. 6 Feb 1918, d. 9 Apr 1987Service: United States Army
Doolin Horace Joseph b. 25 Sep 1919, d. 12 Aug 1990487163177
United States Army; Age: 23
Doolin Hubert b. 1904, d. 1980Rank: Private
Service: United States Army
Doolin James b. 28 Jun 1932, d. 22 Jul 2002
Service: United States Army
Doolin James Milton b. 4 Sep 1933, d. 5 Aug 1953Service: United States Army Air Force
Unit: AC 3(T)
Doolin John Banton b. 1810, d. DECEASEDService: United States Army (Union)
Unit: Company I, 17th Regiment of Kentucky Infantry
Rank: Private
Filed for invalid pension
Doolin John Marion b. 30 Dec 1873, d. 20 Jul 1956Draft Registration; Age: 44
Not a veteran
Doolin John Thomas b. 6 Feb 1878, d. 1 Nov 1936Registered for military draft
Doolin Michael b. 1777, d. 22 Mar 1876Battle
Doolin Paul Rice b. 1897, d. 1960Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Unit: Andover Ambulance Unit
Service: United States Army
Doolin William Curtis b. 10 Jul 1892, d. 20 Jun 19472201047
Rank: Private
Unit: Infantry; 89th Division?; MG Co?;m M Clo 356?;
Service: United States Army
Honourable Discharge
Dooling Donald F b. 8 Aug 1916, d. 15 Jan 1988Age: 27
Dooling James Joseph b. 28 Jan 1877, d. Aft 16 Jun 1949Spanish War. 1st Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers Company B
Honerable Discharge. No engagements or wounds or service overseas
Dooling William B b. Abt 1923, d. 20 Jun 1944Enlistment:: Private; Age: 20
Sergeant United States Army Air Force 856th Bomber Squadron
Sergeant United States Army Air Force 492 Bomber Group
Dowlearn Joshua Martin b. 3 Mar 1832, d. Mar 1891Civil War
Dowlearn Patrick b. 1799, d. 1849Texas Army with William Riley Taylor (Step-son)
Dowlen George Mitchel Monroe b. 2 Apr 1894, d. DECEASEDRegistration
Dowlen Madell b. 14 Aug 1917, d. 20 Nov 1992Ship to Shore Connector (SSC) US Navy at age 26
Served in World War II
Dowlen Roland b. 14 Oct 1907, d. 29 Mar 1945Undercover Radio Operator transmitting 39 messages back to London
Rank: Driver (private)
Service: British Army
Unit: Army Service Corp; No. 1 Training Battalion; Special Operations Executive
Unit: Special Operations Executive, French Section Radio Operator as "Francois Antoine Perrier" as he spoke fluent French
Rank: Lieutenant
Posting: Preliminary School Assessment and Training at STS5 Wamborough Manor; Party 27P
flown in Lysander from Tangmere Airfield into 'occupied' France
Expeditionary Force - general casualty list as 'Missing'-; Also indexed as "capture year"
Captured by Gestapo and imprisoned in 3 bis Place des Etats Unis, suffering great hardship and severe treatment.
Prisoner of War in Concentration Camp
Dowley Edmond Henry Power b. 1918, d. 11 Feb 1942WX11669
Private A.I.F. 1 Coy Australian Army Service Corps
Dowling A d. DECEASEDUnit: C Squadron, 7th Hussars
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Albert d. 191510285
Private Leicestershire Regiment
Dowling Albert b. Bet Apr and Jun 1877, d. 10 Dec 193840 Howard Road, home on leave
Leave: 14 days R.A.B
T/ 330548 - Private - Royal Army Service Corp
Enlistment Age: 38 to Army Service Corp (Park Royal, London)
Mobilised to ASC Driver Royal Horse Transport Depot
Expeditionary Force - campaign c/36/17 from Park Royal
Disembarked ex S.S. "Archimedes" to 929 Horse Transport Company, 25 Auxilliary Horse Transport Company
"Classified BI" [Battle Injury]
25 Auxilliary H
929 HT Coy
280 HT Coy
Medical examination - "I do not claim to be suffering from a disability due to my military service"
Dowling Albert b. 1893, d. DECEASED115824
British Army - Private - Household Cavalry and Cavalry of the Line
British Army - Private - 2nd County of London Yeomanry - The Westminster Dragoons
Discharge - Paragraph 2 Arm Order II [Cause of discharge: "Having been irregularly enlisted")
Dowling Albert E d. 1918235567
East Lancashire Regiment
Dowling Albert Henry b. 26 Nov 1934, d. Abt 2001United States Army; Enlistment; Age: 18
United States Army; Release
Dowling Albert Henry Jabez b. Jul 1883, d. Jun 195839405
Private in British Army 1/4th & 1/9th Hampshire Regiment
Dowling Albert Michael b. Bet Jan and Mar 1889, d. 9 Oct 1917Irish Guards & Battalion
Lance Corporal 2nd Battalion Irish Guards
Dowling Albert V d. 1917610720
Sergeant London Regiment
Dowling Albert Victor Edward Hutton b. Bef 7 Nov 1890, d. DECEASEDBritish Army 22 Manchester Regiment
British Army Lieutenant Captain
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
British Army War Pensioner (unconfirmed)
Dowling Alexander b. 23 Jun 1919, d. 15 Sep 1992Unit: 1st Motor Squadron Cavalry Corps
Age: 22; Enlistment
Rank: Private/Trooper
Service: Óglaigh na hÉireann (OE); Irish Defence Foces
National Health Insurance
Given Leave
Age: 26; Kickham Barracks; Military Discharge "on determination of Emergency Service"; Service: 3 years & 353 days
Motor Cyclist; M.T. Driver Class III
Dowling Alfred Richard Bayly b. 23 Nov 1839, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1882Appointed Ensign in 12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot
Service: British Army
Unit: 12th (East Suffolk) Regiment of Foot
Dowling Alfred Rudolf d. DECEASED38112
Service: British Army
Unit: 27th Battalion of Imperial Yeomanry (ompany not known but either: 123, 124, 125 or 126th)
Rank: Trooper
Dowling Alfred Stanley b. 10 Sep 1891, d. 27 May 1958Sapper in British Army Royal Engineers
Serjeant British Army Royal Engineers
Retired (992 K.R. 1923) 8426
Dowling Alfred W d. 1917R/29052
Rifleman in King's Royal Rifle Corps
Dowling Alfred William Donald b. 8 Dec 1920, d. 15 May 19941689388
British Royal Air Force - Leading Airman based at RAF Lichfield (Bomber Command)
Dowling Andrew James b. 3 Feb 1900, d. Dec 1991Registration: 2393 Order No.: 5461
Dowling Angus B? b. 1894, d. DECEASEDCanadian CEF. Sergeant
66th Regiment
64th Canadian Infantry Battalion
Dowling Anthony Shaun b. 20 Aug 1960, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1996Service: British Army
Warren's Points Ambush by Irish Republican Army on British Army Convoy at Narrow Water Castle; 18 British soldier killed and 20 injured making it most deadly attack of 'The Troubles'. On same day as IRA assassination of Lord Louis Mountbatten.
Dowling Archibald Jackson b. 28 Feb 1874, d. 18 Jun 1957Rank: Captain QMC
Unit: QMC [Quarter Master Corps]
Service: United States Army
Dowling Arthur b. 3 May 1877, d. 29 Aug 1965Unit: 12th Infantry Battalion, 7th Reinforcements
Service: Australian Army
Active Service: Gallipoli Campaign
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Unit: 13th Light Trench Mortar Battery
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Hospitalised with 'Shell Shock' after his mortar was blown out. Five others of his team were killed and Arthur was buried by the explosion. After which he worked behind the lines.
Dowling Arthur b. Oct 1879, d. DECEASED
Home posting 329 days
'Blue Nile Rebellion' Campaign
Natal Field Force
Natal Field Force; Clasp
Service Number: 4040
Unit: 4th Royal Dublin Fusiliers; A Company Kit 20
Rank: Private
Service Number: 6215
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Dublin Fusiliers 2nd Battalion
Age: 18 years, 2 months; Attestation for 'Short Service', 7 years with corp and 5 years Reserve
Home Posting 1 year 342 days
Joined regiment
Drunk in barracks; 7 days Confined to Barracks
Refusing to obey order; 10 days Confined to Barracks
Absent off pass; 2 days pay
Medal Clasp
2 years 358 days
Relief of Ladysmith
Medal Clasp
South African Republic
Distinguished Conduct Medal, London Gazette number 27359 page 6320 on 27 Sep 1901
Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette number 27282 page 959 on 8 Feb 1901
Mentioned in Despatches, London Gazette number 27353 page 5951 on 10 Sep 1901
Drunk in town; 3 days CC
116 days
1 year 5 days
Drunk in town; 7 days CC
1 year 259 days
Reporting sick without cause, improper reply to Non-Commissioned Officer; 10 days Confined to Barracks
First tour of service expires and Arthur applies for extention
Unit: Royal Dublin Fusiliers 1st Battalion
1 year 263 days
Being asleep on sentry on stable guard; 96 hours imprisonment; forefeit Good Conduct Badge
1 year 29 days
126 days
Discharged from 1st term of service
APPEARS transferred to Reserves; 63 Wellington Street
Re-attested by Captain Crump for Reserves
Discharge with 4 years service (not including previous service)
Dowling Arthur John b. 14 Sep 1869, d. DECEASEDBritish Army: 32 Battaion Australian Imperial Force British Expeditinary Force
Pte. YBS of Perm Cadre of PO S Command Depot ese PO 2 Command Depot (32nd Battalion) ii 6/E 126 East? 53 L1786
Attached to Amy Pay Corps for duty at pay office, Tidworth [Barracks?) No 3 Command Depot [due to wounds?) Ptii 11E/322 L1644
Marched into No. 2C Depot from Dartford. Pt2 12/1025E ER 9418
Pte) No. 3 Depot, Hardcott from 802 Weymouth. 1.36/3077E (LR2269)
Pte) M in to Neg com Depot from Hurdcott. P2/37/3150E
British Army Rank: Corporal; Tidworth; Promoted ER/2/Cpl at AIF Depots in UK; L4247 DO 22/766E
Wounded in action. Ptii 5239/ 4-9-16
Enlisted in British Army to E Coy, 2nd Depot. Private
Wounded in the field. Ptii56/5803
Rejoined Unit from hospital in the field. Ptii 63/6597
To A Coy
To D Coy
Returned on service per Fredrichstah [Fredrichstadt, Holland?); IBR850
Army Service Corps (12 months); Age: 32.
2019 (Crossed-out: 7299)
To 32nd Battalion 2nd Depot
To Unit 3/32nd Battalion
Disembarked CC Ship ex HNT "Hiltiades"
To B Coy, taken on strength for France. B/ii 22/1452
Zeit un, Duntroon Plateau; training with 32nd Battalion AP6869; AL467; C/22/1452
Imbarkation to join Relief Expeditionary Force; AP9054
Disebarked ex "Transylvania"; LR593
Embarked on board Hospital Ship "Nandilla". Ptii 1/9
Rank: Promoted to Temporary Sergeant D09/2025 1919
Rank: Sergeant; Do137/377
Eligible for 15 days extra leave; Do186/377
Eligible for 15 days extra leave; Do205/148
Discharged from Army
Dowling Arthur Joseph b. 12 Aug 1893, d. 19 Nov 1969Non-Commissioned Officer, Infantry, National Guard
Dowling Arthur S d. 19149039
Private in Wiltshire Regiment
Dowling Arthur Stanley b. Bet Oct and Dec 1888, d. 31 Oct 19147339
Private in 1st Battalion Duke of Edinburgh's Wiltshire Regiment
Dowling Arthur W b. 1888, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: 4th Royal Irish Dragoon Guards
6838; D/6838
Rank: Private
Entry into Theatre of War
Age: 27; 4 years service; 5 months in the field; Discharged from 4th Staionary Hospital Military
Dowling Ash Green b. Bet Mar and Jun 1840, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Bartholomew b. Bet Oct and Dec 1879, d. DECEASED3969
Age: 18; Attestation at Victoria Park Square
Unit: Rifle Brigade (Prince Consort's Own); 5th Battalion The Rifle Brigade Regiment
Service: British Army
Unit: Joined Special Service Section II
Unit: Joined M R, East Kent Regiment
Convicted at "Bruigespirit" of sleeping on his post os sentinel, sentenced to one year imprisonment with hard labour
Rank: Private
Left prison and "Disembodied" transferred back to 5th Battalion Rifle Brigade
Dowling Bartholomew J b. 5 Oct 1921, d. 9 Sep 1985Rank: Private
Age: 21; Enlistment in United States Army
Dowling Bartholomew Joseph b. 15 Aug 1883, d. 29 Jun 1950Military Registration
Dowling Beatrice Olivia b. 1920, d. 12 Feb 1944266662
Unit: Queen Alexandra's Imperial Military Nursing Service
British Army
Rank: Sister [equivalent Army rank from 1941 = Lieutenent]
Dowling Benjamin Jones b. 11 Apr 1896, d. 14 Nov 1935Age: 21; Draft Registration
Dowling Bernard b. 23 Jun 1883, d. 18 May 1915Enlistment
Unit: 1st Battalion Irish Guards
Service: British Army
Rank: Lance Corporal
Dowling Brian Laidley b. 25 Jun 1889, d. 2 Sep 1918Captain RFC
Service: British Royal Air Force
Rank: Captain
Dowling Charles A b. 15 Aug 1923, d. 24 Apr 1997Service: United States Army
Unit: PFC US Army Air Corps
Dowling Charles Edmond b. 5 Mar 1883, d. DECEASEDWorld War 1 Draft Registration. No previous military service, no exemptions.
Dowling Charles Edward b. 1882, d. DECEASED
Paragraph 392 King's Regulations (xvi) No longer physically fit for war service. Para (b) Army Order 6 dated 14/09/1918
British Army Private 24th Royal Fusileers
King's (Liverpool) Regiment
Service to
Dowling Charles Franklin b. 21 Sep 1882, d. 13 Feb 1954Age: 35; Draft Regsitration
Dowling Charles John b. 28 Mar 1926, d. 15 Jan 1982Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Dowling Charles Milne Cholmeley b. Bet Apr and Jun 1891, d. 21 Nov 1920British Army as Gentleman Cadet
Wounded in service three times
British Expeditionary Force
Captain Grenadier Guards with seniority
Resigns his commission
Promoted Major in 2nd Battalion Grenadier Guards, British Army
Dowling Charles T b. 19 Apr 1919, d. 6 Feb 1977Service: United States Army
World War 2
Dowling Charles Victor b. 10 May 1918, d. 29 Nov 1994Age: 25; Enlisted Branch 1: A
Dowling Charles Ware b. 1893, d. 1966364
Private 8th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadronmi
Unit embarked on Transport A16 'Star of Victoriaa'
Returned from military service
Dowling Christopher John b. 1893, d. DECEASEDHome on leave
Private 10th Battalion Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Expeditionary Force, "190 TMB"
GSW [Gun Shot Wound] in battle
Left leg amputated
Home on leave
Discharged as Private, No Longer fit for war service. Hon. War Service
Discharged total service 2 years 39 days
Sent home with £1 and a suit of plain clothes
Dowling Clyde Washington b. 3 Nov 1912, d. 8 May 1980Service: United States Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Cornelius b. 15 Apr 1893, d. 23 Feb 1972Uniti: Royal Irish Fusiliers
Service: British Army
Service: British Army
Unit: Irish Regiment of Foot Guards
Age: 22; Attestation
Joined Guards Depot
Discharged as not likely to become an efficient soldier (on medical grounds); Total days: 49
Dowling Cuthbert b. 16 May 1905, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1974287379
British Army Royal Regiment of Artillery (RA)
Lieutenant; Quartermaster
Substantive Sergeant Major
Warrant Officer Class 1; Authority: Army Order 142/44
Captain; Quartermaster
Dowling Daniel d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Paymaster
Rank: Captain
Dowling Daniel b. Abt 1740, d. Bet 1791 and 1792Captain Israel Moor's Company, Chester Co. Pennsylvania Militia
Dowling Daniel Francis b. 21 Jan 1932, d. 18 Nov 1992Service: United States Army
Rank: Sergeant
Dowling Darling Wesley b. 30 Jan 1843, d. 1 Jan 1922Rank: Private
Service: Confederate States Army
Unit: Company A 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry
Dowling Darryl Thomas b. 10 Feb 1949, d. 20 Feb 2004Active Service (War started in 1959 and ended 30 Apr 1975)
Marine Corps League
United States Marine Corp
Member of Veterans of Foreign Wars Programme Post 9738
Dowling David b. 1878, d. DECEASEDHome Posting
BEF [British Expeditionary Force]
Home Posting
Unit: Royal Argyle Sutherland Highlanders
Age: 31; Enlistment [age not consitent with date of birth in transcript]
Rank: Pioneer (private)
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Engineers; RID Aldershot, Road Construction Company [on transfer]
Reported R.T.D.
Enlisted [transferred]
Reported ex B.E.F. [British Expeditionary Force]
Deemed unfit for service
Discharge - 255 days; no longer physically fit for War Service, para. 392 XVI King's Regulations; Military Character: V Good; Character: Conduct very satisfactory
Dowling David b. 23 Jul 1888, d. DECEASEDTheatre of War 4A [Africa / British East Africa, German East Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Uganda]
Theatre of War 4B [Africa / German South West Africa]
Rank: Private
Service: British Army
Theatre of War 4A [Africa / British East Africa, German East Africa, Rhodesia, Nyasaland, Uganda]
Unit: 1/5th East Lanacashire Regiment
Theatre of War 2B [Balkan / Gallipoli & Aegean Islands]
Theatre of War 4B [Africa / German South West Africa]
Rank: Rifleman (private)
Unit: 20th Rifle Brigade
Theatre of War 4B [Africa / German South West Africa]
Disembodiment on Demobilization from Army
Dowling Denis b. 1861, d. DECEASEDUnit: 1st Leinster Regiment
Service: British Army
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: 4th Battalion Leinster Regiment
Rank: Colour Sergeant Infantry
Dowling Denis Valentine b. 24 Jun 1910, d. 23 Sep 1996Royal Artillery Officer
Took part in 'D' Day landings, blown up twice and sustanined lung injuries
Dowling Dent George b. 2 Oct 1899, d. 29 Feb 1956Service: United States Army
Rank: Corporal
Unit: BTRY E 8 Regiment FARD
Dowling Dhu b. 20 Feb 1921, d. 30 Oct 2002Service: United States Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Donald Augustus b. 7 Jun 1895, d. 8 Mar 1979Cadet with 6th Officers Battalion at Balliol College; Trinity College, Bambridge; Qualified for Commission
Granted leave
50th Army Medical Corp (2 years service) Rejected as unfil for service on grounds 771
Age: 19; Private in 50th AAMC; with father's permission
Posted to B Section of 4th Field Ambulance; Embarked HMAT Berrima, Melbourne
Rank: Lieutenant
with MEF
Rank: Lance Corporal - ANZAC
Transferred to Officer Training Sel.; Temporary attached for duty; Struck off strength
Temporarily attached to 13th Asutralian Fild Ambulance for duty
Transferred to Officer Training School
27th Battlion of Australian Imperial Force (AIF)
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Rank: Lieutenant
Wounded in Action; Gunshot wound to neck; transferred from Rouen to 3rd London General Hospital
Returned to active duty serving as Brgade Gas Officer with 7th Infantry Brigade
Embarked at Tatanto on-board "Kasir-a-Hind"
Appointment terminated in the 4th Medical DIvision, retruns to University of Adelaide
Rank: Captain
Re-enlisted; Rank: Captain
Dowling Eadmon Peter b. 19 Dec 1907, d. 16 May 1969Unit: 278th Military Police Company
Service: United States Army
Dowling Edmund b. 5 Jul 1920, d. DECEASED7651801; Enlistment in British Army at Pemroke Dock for Duration of War
Royal Army Ordinance Corp - Private
7 days priviledged leave with free warrant
Wounded in groin ceasing to fulfill physical requirements
Discharged from Army; 265 days service; Good Conduct; Satisfactory
Dowling Edward b. 16 Dec 1884, d. 7 Jun 1960South of Ypres on French border; Theatre of War: France
'Western Front'
British Army 2nd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusileers Catholic Chaplain
British Army Chaplain
Disembarkation: Troop transport on board RMSS "Normania"; NW/5/1724 WS/5/2076
Major 3rd Class Reserve
Discharged - Served with Distinction
Returns E.F/9
Dowling Edward b. 18 Jun 1893, d. 15 Sep 19167077
Service: British Army
Unit: 2nd Battalion Irish Guards
Rank: Private
Dowling Edward George b. 1896, d. DECEASEDEnlisted as Private 1462 in 1 City of London Regiment of Royal Fusiliers
1st Battalion City of London Royal Fusiliers
1st Battalion City of London Royal Fusiliers
Wounded - gunshot wound to head
Discharged as unfit for war service
Dowling Edward Leroy b. 19 Sep 1921, d. 4 Oct 1995Service: United States Army
Rank: SFC - Sergeant First Class
Dowling Edward P b. Feb 1842, d. DECEASEDService: United States Army
238 A J
Unit: G 51 Pennsylvania Infantry
Rank: Private
Dowling Eric Edgar b. 4 May 1906, d. 27 Jan 1987Private Australian Army 30 Battalion, 3 1/2 years
Gna 1 Australian Hoy Australian Army Training Regiment
Age: 31; Private 1st Australian Hoy Australian Army Training Regiment
Australian Army 2nd Australian Infantry F
2 Australian Landing Craft Workshops AEME AIF
Discharged as CFN [Craftsman] 966 days
Dowling Eric Perry b. 22 Jul 1915, d. 21 Jul 2008Prisoner of War
Dowling Eric Sheen b. 13 Apr 1896, d. 13 Nov 1917Unit: 1st Australian Light Horse
Rank: Lieutenant
Dowling Eugene Joseph b. 23 Jul 1881, d. DECEASEDUnit: 373rd East Surrey Regiment & Militia
Service: British Army
Service number: 5196
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Age: 18 & 3 Months; Attestation under age
Joined unit, "posted"
Discharged having made a mistatement as to age on enlistment; 238 days
Age: 17 11 months; Attestation
Unit: 18th Hussars, 6 Squadron "Hussars of the Line"
Service number: 4858
Service: British Army (rejoin)
Home Service (Training) 1 years 177 days
Joined unit, "posted"
298 days
Home Service; 214 days
Discharge from 18th Hussars with less than 12 years service (3 years 324 days); under Article 1142.iii (Misdemeanors) R W for pay Authority H.0.6 A'shot No. 928 dated 16 April 1903
Service Number: 10148 5th Corp of Lancers
Rank: Private
Service:British Army
Service Number: 10439 (GS)
Unit: Lancers, General Service 5th Lancers
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
5 LVS Private Class "Z" A. Reserve
Dowling Ezra M b. 11 Apr 1896, d. 18 Apr 1982Service: United States Army
Rank: Cook
Unit: Support Company 17th Infantry
Dowling Felix M b. 3 Aug 1892, d. 19 Feb 1969Rank: Corporal
Unit: Company D 120 MG Battalion 32 Division
World War 1
Dowling Finton b. 28 Mar 1893, d. DECEASEDHome ( training, probably at Clonmel) 224 days
Response to mother seeking information on son.
Age: 22; Attestation
Unit: Royal Irish Regiment 6th Battalion
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Next of kin: father Joseph
British Expeditionary Force (BEF) 2 years 238 days
Unit: Royal Irish Regiment 2nd Battalion
Home 251 days (i.e. not in France)
Discharged from Royal Victoria Military Hospital to furlough (home leave)
Unit: Royal Irish Regiment 3rd Battalion
On leave pending dispersal
Unit: Z Army Reserve - Demobilisation; 3 years 348 days
Written request for medals, sent in November
Dowling Francis b. 1896, d. 26 Jun 1915Enlistment
Rank: Private
Unit: 1st Battalion East Lanacashire Regiment
Service: British Army
Dowling Francis Barre Beresford b. 1898, d. Bet 015 and 17 Dec 1941Major 2nd Bn East Surrey Regiment
Dowling Francis H d. 19 Dec 1941HMS "Kandahar"
Stoker in Royal Navy
Casualty of HMS Kandahar - Missing presumed killed
HMS "Neptune"
Dowling Francis Maurice b. 22 Aug 1894Age: 22; Enlisted
Rank: Sapper
Service: Australian Army
Unit: 1st Australian Wireless Signal Squadron
Embarkation on board ship "Ulysses"
Returned bon board ship "Eastern"
Dowling Frank Brian b. 14 Jun 1926, d. 31 Dec 2013Royal Air Force as Cadet Pilot
Personnel Selection
Dowling Frank Grover b. 27 Mar 1888, d. 25 Aug 1958WW1 Draft Registration
Dowling Frank Joseph b. 25 Feb 1924, d. 11 Aug 1994Service: United States Navy
Dowling Frederick d. 1917Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: Royal Dublin Fusiliers
Service: British Army
Dowling Frederick James b. 24 Sep 1911, d. 6 Jun 1975US Air Force Master Sergeant (31 years)
Sergeant US Army
Dowling Frederick Lawrence d. DECEASEDB32015
Service: Canadian Army
Unit: Royal Corp of Signals
Rank: Signalman
Prisoner of War during World War II
Dowling G d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Royal Warwickshire Regiment
Rank: Private
Campaign Clasp: Cape Colony
Campaign Clasp: Orange Free State; action in Orange River Colony
Dowling G L d. DECEASED412500
Royal Australian Air Force Flight Sergeant Pilot
Royal Air Force 776 Squadron flying Halifax bombers in 30 operations
Dowling Geoffrey Barrow b. 9 Aug 1891, d. 1 Jun 1976Unit: King Edward's Horse
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Dowling Geoffrey Charles Walter b. 1892, d. 30 Jul 1915Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Unit: King's Royal Rifle Corps; 7th Battalion.
Rank: Temporary Lieutenant and to be supernumerary
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: King's Royal Rifle Corps
Rank: Temporary Captain
First World War, 1914-1918
Rank: Captain
Dowling George David Smith b. 10 Apr 1936, d. 27 Dec 1979US Air Force
MacDill Airforce Base
Dowling George Edward b. 29 Oct 1884, d. DECEASEDPosting: Leave in the Field
? from ? ?
Posting: Leave in the Field
Posting: Leave in the Field
Service: British Army
Unit: Middlesex Regiment 11th Battalion for 2 years
Rank: RCS / Horsekeeper
Age: 30; Attested for Duration of War
Service: British Army
Unit: AVC Army Vetinary Corp 12th Battalion
Rank: Private
British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
10 days CC [Confined to Camp] for Leaving his post without permission after being posted as stable guard
At No 12 Vetinary Hospital on 27.9.17 said to men in the Dining Room referring to working after 5pm "Let us all join together and make a general complaint" or words to that effect
Cited for Conduct to the prejudice of good order & military discipline for remarks on 27-9-17.
Tried & convicted by FGCM & sentenced to 14 days FD No 1
Admitted to 20 General Hospital
Admitted to 26 General Hospital
Admitted to 25 General Hospital
Admitted to Beuford War Hospital
Admitted to 2nd Southam Gen Hospital [could be Southam in Warwickshire or abbreviation]
Transferred to Bath War Hospital
Posting: Home
War Hospital certificate
Demobilisation from British Army to Goldie Field, Puddleston, Leominster, Herefordshire, ENgland
Letter notifying change of address
Dowling George Edward b. 13 May 1924, d. 5 Jul 1944Enlisted
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Unit: 463 Squadron
Rank: Flight Sergeant
Dowling George Thomas b. 1910, d. 14 Jul 19451714852
78 Baty. 35 Lt A.A. Regt Royal Artillery
Dowling George William b. 21 Nov 1882, d. DECEASEDBritish Expeditionary Force (BEF); landed on 22 Feb 2016;
Absent without leave 24 hours punishment two days ? loses, 1 day's pay under P. No.
Rank: Sapper (Private)
(T) 2239
Unit: Royal Engineers, 1st London Emergency Section/Division; Field Company
Service: British Army
Age: 32; Attestation; Duration of War
Home posting
Transferred to LFC
Posted to Depot; Home Posting
Transferred to "A Co"?
Theatre of War: London Area; appears based at 10 Victoria Park Square, Bethnal Green, Tower Hamlets
Furlough at home
Age: 36; Discharge; Transfer from Royal Engineers to Class "Z" Army Reserve
Dowling Gladstone Ambrose b. 1912, d. 10 Feb 1942Private A. I. F. 2/20 Bn. Australian Infantry
Dowling Gordon Jesse b. Bet 1920 and 1925, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1985Service: British Royal Air Force - East Anglia
Dowling H d. 31 May 1916Leading Stoker Royal Navy
Battle of
Joined Royal navy
With "Grand Fleet" on board HMS "Queen Mary"
Battle of
Dowling H H d. DECEASED9th Hampshire Regiment
4th Hampshire Regiment
Volunteered for British Army
Garrison Duty with Punjab Rifles
North West Frontier agains Afhans
Wounded in Action
Dowling H T d. Aft 22 Apr 1945General in Confederate Army
Dowling Harold Beals b. 21 Apr 1916, d. 19 May 1964Private First Class United States Army during World War II
Dowling Harold Edward b. 26 Aug 1898, d. 20 Apr 1974Age: 21; World War 1 Draft Registration
Service: United States Army
Rank: Corporal
Dowling Harry b. 23 Jun 1914, d. DECEASEDDischarged
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Dowling Harry Bernard b. 9 Feb 1892, d. 26 May 1970Private in Coast Artillery
Dowling Harry J d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Royal Engineers
Rank: Sapper
Dowling Harry Oscar b. 4 Aug 1897, d. DECEASEDAge: 21; Draft Registration
Dowling Henry d. 26 May 1915Enlistment as Rifleman 1st Battalion Royal Irish Rifles
Dowling Henry b. Bet Jul and Sep 1886, d. DECEASEDHome 174 days
Enlistment Age: 28 at Chelsea Town Hall
Gunner in British Army Royal Field Artillery
Service reckoning date, attested & posted
Joined at No. 6 Depot, 6B Battery 1"B" Reserve
Posted as Gunner
Posted as Gunner to 4th Brigade
Embarked to join Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
Posted Mediterranean Expeditionary Force 18th R Battery
Theatre of War 2B Balkans
259 days
Disembarkation joined 92nd Battery of the 17th Brigade RFA on posting from Reserve Battery RFA Woolwich
Evauatedand embarked to Alexandria
25 days
Embarked Alexandria to Marseilies
Rejoined unit in field
Attached to CIII Corp Camouflage Workshop
Granted Psof? Pay Class II
Embarked Boulogne for Crystal Palace
Dispersal Centre
Transferred to Class Z Army Reserve
92nd Battery 17th Brigade, 29th Division
Dowling Henry b. Bef 25 Sep 1815, d. DECEASEDService: British Royal Navy
Age: 29; Attestation
Unit: HMS Victory
Rank: Captain's Steward
Discharged Off
Unit: HMS Victory
Rank: G R Steward
Discharged to shore
Rank: N R Steward
Unit: HMS Illustrious
Discharged to shore; 56 days service
Rank: Able Seaman
Unit: HMS Victory
Discharged Off
Rank: Captain's Steward
HMS Victory Sprightly
Discharged Off
Rank: Captain's Steward
Unit: HMS Victory Sprightly
Discharged Off
Rank: Captain's Steward
Unit: HMS Victory Sprightly
Discharged Off; 14 years 153 days consecutive service
Discharge; 14 years 209 days service
Dowling Henry b. 1858, d. DECEASEDAwaiting Trial
5th Royal Lancashire Regiment
Enlisted in British Army for 6 years; Private in 12 Infantry Brigade
Father, next of kin for son Henry in military
Home Posting
Forfiets G 6 pay A 1/-
Tried and imprisoned
continued as Private
Home Posting
Home Posting
Discharged with 5 years and 255 days service
Dowling Henry b. 1895, d. 11 Aug 1916Station
British Expeditionary Force
Enlisted in 10th Battalion East Surrey Regiment aged 20
Absent from ..... roll call until 8pm on 25 May 1915 - 2 days C.B.
Overstaying pass from missing 11 July until 1.20pm on 12 July - 4 days C.B.
9th Battalion East Surrey Regiment
Deprived 1 day's Pay (B2069)
Dowling Henry Charles b. 1872, d. DECEASEDService: British Royal Navy
Rank: Steward
Dowling Henry James b. 6 Sep 1894, d. 15 May 1915British Expeditionary Force (BEF) Western European Theatre
Home Posting
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Dublin Fusiliers Special Reserve 3rd Battalion
Age: 17 years 8 months; Enlistment
"Absent; Declared a Deserter"
Rank: Private
Service: British Army
Unit: 1st Battalion Prince of Wales's Own Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)
Dowling Horace Jack b. 8 Feb 1918, d. 24 Dec 1992Service: United States Army
Rank: S Sergeant
Dowling Horace M b. 10 Feb 1924, d. 6 Mar 2008Service: United States Army Air Force
Rank: MSGT [Master Sergeant]
Dowling Hugh Coskrey b. 11 Jul 1915, d. 29 Dec 2001Service: United States Army
Dowling Isaac C b. 1837, d. Bef 25 Jun 1900Age: 24; Enlisted as Private in K Company of 12th Infantry Regiment [Union]
Massachusetts 12 Regiment transferred to 49th Company 2nd Infantry US Veteran Reserve Corps
'Mustered Out'
'Mustered Out'
Discharged a foot; Expired service at Washington DC
Signs-up for 3 more years service; Age: 31
Discharged a foot
K12 Massachusetts Infantry, J3 and 49 Company 2nd Battalion Veteran Reserve Corps General Service USA
Invalid ApplicationL 178.825 Certificate 127.298
Age: 34; Discharged by Order of Secretary of War having ??? an appt as a clerk class one?? ???
Age: 38 6/12; Enlisted for 3 more years military service
Widow Application 391 826, Certificate 263 727
Dowling Jabez Henry McLean b. 1840, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1925Next of kin for son Percival
Dowling Jabez Jackson b. 5 Aug 1838, d. 6 Jan 1920Rank: 3rd Corporal
Unit: Compamy A 50th Georgia Voluntary Infantry
Service: Confederate States Army
Rank: 3rd Corporal
Service: Confederate States Army
Unit: Compamy A 50th Georgia Voluntary Infantry
Dowling James d. 6 Dec 1917Royal Navy
HMS "Highflyer"
Able Seaman
Nelson Battalion
Dowling James b. 1833, d. 5 May 1884Service: British Army
Dowling James b. Aug 1846, d. 26 Dec 1891Rank: Corporal, Company B, 8th U.S. Cavalry
Entered service
Service: United States Army
Unit: 8th Cavaltry
Rank: Sergeant Troop B 8th U.S. Cavalry
Dowling James b. 15 Oct 1875, d. 1 Jan 1945Unit: Army Reserve Section B
Service: British Army
Dowling James b. 25 May 1886, d. 27 Aug 1914
Private 2nd Battalion Royal Dublin Fusileers
Dowling James Albert b. 28 Oct 1929, d. 11 Jan 2017Service: United States Army
Dowling James Carl b. 4 Oct 1922, d. 14 Sep 2003Unit: Central Pacific 122nd Cavalry
Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Served 41 to 42 years
Dowling James Carroll b. 13 Dec 1878, d. DECEASEDAge: 39; Draft Registration
Dowling James Coleman b. 12 May 1896, d. DECEASEDAge: 21; Marital Status: Unmarried; Military Draft Registration
Dowling James Dennis b. 1758, d. 2 Feb 1802Unit: Benton's Regiment fighting under Francis Marion
Dowling James Desso b. 22 Jan 1919, d. 15 May 1998Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Service: United States Army
Dowling James Edward b. 27 Apr 1925, d. 13 Mar 2019Service: United States Army
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Shop Company of 732nd Railway Operating Battalion
Active Service: Following D-Day Landing operated railroads in France and Germany; 732nd was contracted to supply gas and ammunition to 3rd Army and was first railroad unit to cross River Rhine into Germany
Dowling James Hampton b. 5 Feb 1918, d. 25 Apr 2002Service: United States Army Air Force
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Dowling James Harold b. 26 Feb 1896, d. 19 Dec 1975Age: 21; Marital Status: Unmarried; Draft Registration
Age: 46; Draft Registration
Dowling James Henry b. 2 Jul 1866, d. 1 Apr 1902British Army Rank: Sergeant. 2nd Dragoon Guards
3812 [E 29581 /5 /5]
Dowling James Joseph b. 1 Dec 1876, d. 9 Sep 1917Service: Royal Canadian Army
Unit: 169th Battalion, 15th Battalion, 48th Highlanders of Canada
with 169th Battalion
Unit: 169th Battalion 5th Reserves
Unit: 15th Battalion
Unit: 15th Battalion part of the 3rd Infantry Brigade, 1st Canadian Division
on front line trenches west of Neuville St Vaast, carried out raid behind enemy lines
near Neuville-St-Vaast
Dowling James Laidley b. 11 May 1941, d. 10 Feb 1964Lieutenant Royal Australian Navy
Dowling James Lawton b. 5 Jun 1919, d. 20 Jan 1945Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Service: United States Army
Unit: 63rd Infantry 6th Infantry Division
Dowling James Lemuel b. 1937, d. 9 Jun 2004Service: United States Army
Dowling James Patrick b. 30 Dec 1920, d. 14 Feb 1956Service: United States Army
Unit: Transportation Corp (TC)
Dowling James Richard b. 1894, d. 29 Jun 1964Service: New Zealand Army
Dowling James Thomas b. 3 Jul 1927, d. 6 Mar 2014Service: United States Navy
Rank: EN3 [Engineman 3rd Class]
Dowling Jesse Gordon b. 1886, d. DECEASEDUnit: His Majesty's Ship "Cossack"
Rank: Stoker
Service: British Royal Navy
Dowling John d. DECEASEDColonial Army during Revolutionary War
Dowling John d. DECEASEDService: United States Army
Unit: 7th Cavalry
Dowling John b. 1759, d. 6 Jun 1826Rank: Private
Unit: 1st South Carolina Regiment
Service: United States Army (Revolutionary)
Dowling John b. 1813, d. 31 May 1880Service: British Army
Dowling John b. 1818, d. DECEASEDUnit: 82 nd Regiment
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Dowling John b. 1820, d. DECEASEDUnit: 97th Foot Regiment
Rank: Sergeant
Dowling John b. 1859, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Dowling John b. 1860, d. DECEASEDAttestation
Home; 109 days
Kilkenny Fusilier Militia
Age: 18; Enlisted in British Army to 69th Brigade of the 1st Royal Irish Regiment
214 days
Transferred Private
322 days; including 1880 Afgansitan Campaign
3 years 181 days
Continued Private
Nile Expedition
Extended service to 10 years with Colours
Continued Private
358 days; Received medal and "The Nile" clasp
Home; 269 days
Home; 4 years 7 days
Transferred Private
Enlisted for Section D 1st ch A Reserves
Next of Kin: Brother Edmond Yorkshire
Dowling John b. 1862, d. DECEASEDAge: 15; Enlistment & Attestation
Service: British Army
Unit: 19th Hussars
Service: British Army
Unit: 14th Hussars
Rank: Corporal
Age: 33; Pension Admission or Examination at Royal Hospital, Kilmainham
Dowling John b. 5 Mar 1882, d. DECEASEDService: Australian Army
Unit: 9th Battalion Australian Imperial Force
Acting Corporal
Dowling John b. 1886, d. 6 Oct 1915British Army. Private 4th Battalion, Prince of Wales' Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)
Theatre of War
Dowling John b. 1903, d. DECEASEDSoldier
Dowling John Albert b. Aug 1890, d. 1950Unit: Boston City Hospital Unit
Draft Registration; Age: 23
Dowling John B b. 28 Jan 1888, d. DECEASEDLorry Driver 46th ?? Motor Transport Company
Age: 26; Private/Driver in British Army Service Corp (ASC)
Lorry driver for No. 23 DSC [Divisional Supply Column]
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Being in an ?Estermineet? during prohibited hours punished with 6 extra guards
When on active service negligence in the care of lorry no 13457
Lorry Driver, good, for 50th Division Motor Transport Company
Demobilised with Class 5 Driver pension
Dowling John Benedict S b. 25 Aug 1882, d. DECEASED2297
Dowling John Bryant b. 7 Mar 1944, d. 30 Oct 2011Service: United States Army
Unit: Military Police
Active Service: Vietnam War
Dowling John Calhoun b. 25 Sep 1912, d. 16 Nov 1975Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Service: Unitided States Navy
Dowling John Clyde b. 2 Sep 1894, d. 24 Oct 1949Service: United States Naval Reserve
Unit: Shore Patrol
Rank: SP1 [Specialist 1st Class Petty Officer]
Dowling John Conrad b. 1889414
Unit: 3rd Machine Gun Battalion
Rank: Driver (private)
Age: 27; Enlisted
Embarkation on board ship "Ulysses"
Wounded in Action
on board ship "Pt Denison"
Dowling John D b. 1831, d. DECEASEDEnlisted in Confederate States of America as Soldier in Company F Florida 8th Infantry
Captured as Prisoner of War
Confined in 'poor conition'
Dowling John Edward b. 13 Jan 1896, d. 22 Aug 1954World War 1 Service
Dowling John Edward b. 16 Jan 1922, d. 5 Feb 2004Unit: Infantry Anti-Tank Unit
Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Battle of the Bulge, Ardennes Belgium and France
Served in the Battle of the Bulge
Dowling John Ernest b. 10 Nov 1920, d. DECEASEDRank: Flight Officer
Rank: Flight Lieutenant
Service: Royal Australian Air Force
Dowling John Franklin b. 4 Feb 1941, d. 16 Dec 2007Service: United States Army Air Force
Rank: TSGT / E6; DOT officer retired as Sergeant
Dowling John Frederick b. 12 Mar 1888, d. 1955
Dowling John Joseph b. 27 Sep 1879, d. 8 Apr 1970Draft Registration; Age: 37
Draft Registration
Dowling John Kenneth b. 17 Feb 1930, d. 22 Aug 1989Service: United States Army
Dowling John Michael b. 21 Mar 1887, d. 3 Jul 1968Leinster Regiment [wendycarreras47]
Dowling John Reginald b. 5 Jul 1923, d. 28 Jul 2000Enlistment
Service: British Royal Air Force
Rank: Pilot
Unit: No 115 Lancaster Bomber Squadron
Rank: Captain
Operation: Bombing raids
Unit: No 1688 Bomber Defence Training Flight (fighter aircraft)
Unit: No 242 & No 40 Squadron flying Avro York transport aircraft
Operation: Berlin Airlift
Unit: Royal Naval Air Station flying Sikorsky R4 & R6 helicopters
Operation: Malayan Conflict flying Westland Dragonfly helicopters
Rank: Squadron Commander
Unit: No 194 RAF Helicopter Squadron [the first such squadron]
Rank: Squadron Leader
Unit: Belvedere helicopter Trials Unit
Operation: Borneo Confrontation
Unit: No 72 Belvedere helicopter Squadron
Command of No 72 Belvedere Helcopter Squadron
Unit: No 66 Belvedere helicopter Squadron
Unit: RAF Seletar
Rank: Wing Commander
Unit: Strike Command
Unit: RAF Air Historical Branch
Dowling John W d. DECEASEDUS Civil War Confederacy Captain
Dowling John Ware b. May 1891, d. DECEASEDUnit: 8th Light Horse Regiment, C Squadron
Rank: Private
Embarked on Unit Transport A16 'Star of Victoria'
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant 1st ANZAC Battalion, Imperial Camel Corp
Return from Military Service
Unit: 1st ANZAC Battalion, Imperial Camel Corp
Rank: Lieutenant
Dowling John William b. Bet Jan and Mar 1890, d. 18 Oct 1917Age: 23; Enlisted
Service: Australian Army
26th Battalion; Australian Imperial Force
Rank: Private
Unit: 52nd Battalion; Australian Imperial Force
Unit: 12th Battalion; Australian Imperial Force
On board "Seang bee"
Dowling Joseph b. 1853, d. DECEASEDPOSSIBLE: Age: 23; Private British Army 63rd Foot Regiment
Dowling Joseph Albert b. 7 Oct 1886, d. DECEASED62424
ARC Demand and Extraction Slip
Transfer Slip
Rank: Private
Unit: 2nd Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers
Service: British Army
Date of Capture
Unit: Royal Scots Fusiliers A Company
Transfer Camp
Prisoner of War Camp
Dowling Joseph Hartley b. 6 Feb 1919, d. 10 Mar 1998PFC in World War II
Age: 22; Private First Class; Medical Department and Dental Corps National Guard
Dowling Joseph Johnson b. 4 Sep 1850, d. 8 Jul 1928Service: United States Army (Union)
Rank: Drummer
Unit: Company G 29th Iowa Infantry
Dowling Joseph M b. 20 Apr 1917, d. 28 Nov 1966Age: 24; Enlistment in United States Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Joseph Patrick b. 18 Mar 1886, d. 1 Aug 1932Prisoner of War Camp
Prisoner of War
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 2nd Connaght Rangers
Landed as part of British Expeditionary Force
Captured as prisoner of war sent to Sennelager, Germany
Prisoner of War camp
Joined 'Irish Brigade'
Prisoner of War camp
"Wanzig Froyl" of Danzig Troyl Prisoner of War Camp
Landed by German submarine
Court Marshalled
Dowling Joseph Patrick b. 18 Jul 1888, d. 21 May 19783346378 / 546446 J C
Private Canadian Army: #10 First Manitoba Regiment Canadian Expeditionary Force
Demobilised; Discharged as medically unfit
Dowling Joseph Rawlins b. 1794, d. 24 Aug 1845Barrack Master at St James's Barracks
Service: British Army
Rank: Captain
Unit: Royal Marines (UNCONFIRMED)
Battle of Albuhera [UNCONFIRMED]
Battle of Waterloo [UNCONFIRMED]
Dowling Joseph Robert b. 8 Mar 1887, d. 11 Nov 1942Enlisted
Rank: Private
Unit: Company H 50th Infantry, 20th Division
Service: United States Army
Dowling Joseph Vincent b. 15 Sep 1897, d. 6 Oct 1981Letter to War Office requesting another Silver War Badge
1 year 351 days
British Army Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1/5th Battalion - Private
Discharge: Wounded U.0.265/17 Para 2(b)
Dowling Julian Pardue b. 22 Jun 1926, d. 23 Feb 1981Service: United States Army
Rank: Sergeant
Dowling Kenneth E b. 1929, d. DECEASEDAustralian Air Force
Dowling Kenneth Edward b. 31 Jul 1912, d. DECEASEDRank: Corporal
Service: Australian Imperial Force
Rank: Sergeant
Dowling Lacy b. 13 Oct 1923, d. 8 Oct 1950Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Service: United States Army
Unit: 5th Cavalry
Dowling Larry b. 6 Apr 1946, d. 11 Jul 2012Service: United States Navy
Dowling Laurence b. 28 Nov 1894, d. DECEASEDAge: 23; Draft Registration
Dowling Lazarus b. 27 Feb 1829, d. 17 Feb 1919Unit: 4 Corp Company A of 50th Georgia Volunterr Infantry
Service: Confederate States Army
Wounded at Battle of Antietam
Dowling Leo b. 1902, d. 8 Jan 1923Arrested for desertion from National Army
Corporal National Irish Army
Court Marshalled
Dowling Leslie Eugene b. Sep 1918, d. 16 Jun 1942Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Dowling Levi H b. 18 May 1844, d. 13 Aug 1911Captain (Union) Army
Garrison duty
Union Army Divisional Chaplain and opographical Engineer (Civil War) serving on General Thomas Wilberforce Egan staff in 3rd Provisional Division. Preached to Union troops in Illionois at memorial service in honor of President Abraham Lincoln.
Company S of the 152nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment (See uniform in photo)
Joined Union Army as Chaplain
Musterede to Company S of the 152nd Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment (See uniform in photo)
Dowling Lionel Edward b. 30 Aug 1885, d. 27 Dec 1973Service: Indian Defence Force
Unit: 1-13th Great Indian Peninsula Railway Battalion
Rank: 2nd Lieutenant
Dowling Loran A b. 1922, d. 1977Rank: Private
Service: United States Army
Dowling Marian E b. 25 Jul 1922, d. 1 Sep 1995Service: United States Navy
Unit: SKG2
Dowling Martin J b. 27 May 1883, d. DECEASEDAge: 34; Draft Registration
Dowling Matthew Gerald b. 4 Apr 1920, d. DECEASED1902775
Royal Air Force V.R. Ach U/T Wireless Operator Air
Flying Officer A/C 2'A'
Embarkation onsick leave
Discharged at own request Services no loinger required
British Army 13122344 - Pioneer Corp Terriotorial Army
Dowling Max Russell b. 10 Apr 1891, d. 30 Jul 19162nd Lieutenant, 1st AIF
Dowling Michael b. 1813, d. 25 Apr 1884Service: British Army
Dowling Michael b. 15 Aug 1835, d. DECEASEDPOSSIBLE: Age: 22; Enlisted in US Army
Dowling Michael b. 1840, d. Bet Apr and Jun 19213147
Service: British Army
Unit: 14th Foot, 1st Battalion
Completed Service
Rank: Private
Dowling Michael b. Bef 19 Sep 1850, d. 12 Dec 18911569 and 1678 bracketed together noted as "Embarked for England Insane"
Home leave 52 days with dementia
In confinement awaiting trial for drunkenness
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: 2nd Battalion East Surrey Regiment
Rank: Private
Service number: 1569;
Age: 20; Enlistment; Possibly Dublin HQ
Service: British Army
Unit: 70th Surrey Regiment
Deserted as 1569
Service number: 1678;
Age: 20; Enlistment as 1678 for 12 years (this may have been a re-enlistment to increase the term of service)
Service:British Army
Unit: 70th Foot
Rank: Private;
Home leave 1 year 28 days
70th Regiment transferred
10 years 135 days
(at this time the term 'India' covered a larger region than it does today, including Pakistan and Afganistan)
Embarkation from Fort Penbrook on board ship "Crocodile"
Rank: Corporal
Deprived of i. Good Conduct Pay
Tried & reduced to Private for drunkenness
Rank: Private
Rank: Paymaster Sergeant
Rank: Sergeant
Service: British Army
Unit: 47 Brigade; 70th Foot (possibly Surrey Regiment of Foot)
Mooltan (Malestan? or Multan in Pakistan?))
Suspended Appointment of Paymaster Sergeant for Misconduct; Rank: Sergeant
Rank: Sergeant
Embarked for England on board ship HMS "Malahai?"
Discharged - invalid as 'insane. and sent to Kilkenny County Asylum, unfit for further service
Dowling Michael b. 1890, d. DECEASEDUnit: Royal Irish Fusiliers (26142)
Rank: Private
Unit: 6th Royal Irish Rifles (8926)
Rank: 2nd Gunner in British Army Royal Irish Fusiliers (26142)
Service: British Army
Dowling Michael b. 10 Feb 1890, d. 16 Nov 1957Mother: Ellen Dowling at Maddens Cottage
Unit: Leinster Regiment
Service: British Army
Age: 25; Attestation for the Duration of the War
Unit: 3rd Battalion of Leinster Regimant as Private
Discharged not being likely to become an efficient soldier; Medically Unfit; Total: 104 days; Para 392(iii) Kings Regulations
Dowling Michael John b. 1 May 1874, d. DECEASEDAge: 44; Marital Status: Married; Draft Registration
Dowling Michael Joseph b. 12 May 1852, d. 23 Sep 1938Not Veteran
Dowling Morris Elmer b. 9 May 1920, d. 16 Jun 1999United States Army during World War II; Tec 4
Dowling Nicholas b. 24 Nov 1811, d. Nov 1859Captain in Illinois Militia, 27th Regiment - "Captain Nicholas Dowling's Company of Artillery"
US Army during Indian Wars; Sergeant in J Gardenier Company, Strode Brigade
Black Hawk War (Native American Indian)
Sergeant in Illinois Militia 27th Regiment
Dowling Noel Thomas b. 14 Aug 1885, d. Feb 1969Veteran of W.W.
Dowling Oliver Perry b. 1 May 1917, d. 28 Oct 2003Service: United States Army
Dowling Otto Carl b. 28 Feb 1881, d. 14 Apr 1946
United States Navy
Cadet Petty Officer, second Class
Captain in US Navy
Age: 56
Rank: Capt; Address: care of H Whitmore, 201 Highbrook Avenue, Pelham, NY (3 ND)
Dowling Patricia A b. 21 Nov 1924, d. 5 May 1988Service: United States Navy
Unit: Y3 [Yeoman 3rd Class]
Dowling Patrick b. 1843, d. 1898British Army?
Dowling Patrick b. 22 Nov 1890, d. 5 May 1918Hospitalised Prisoner of war
Prisoner of war in Camp Stendal
Attested for 12 years service aged 15 years 5 months (stated he was 18 years 2 months)
Private in 'C' Company in Cheshire Regiment
Promoted to Lance Corporal
Promoted to Corporal
Promoted to Lance Sergeant
Promoted to Sergeant
'C' Coy 1st Batt Cheshire Regt. Army Corp: 2 Division: 5 Brigade: 15
Taken prisoner by 60th Regt German Infantry
Battle at Audregnies (Mons) during which he received a gunshot wound to left thigh
Hospitalised Prisoner of war
Internment (probably because seriously injured)
Arrived from Switzerland
"Rejoined (Exchanged P. of War)"
Dowling Patrick b. 16 Sep 1894, d. UNKNOWNAge: 19; Short Service Attestation (for the Duration of the War) as Private in British Army Prince of Wales Volunteers - South Lacashire Regiment
Discharged - 106 Days; Not likely to become an efficient soldier, Para 392 iiii King's Regn.
Dowling Patrick H b. 30 Apr 1837, d. 5 Jan 1912Rank: Captain
Dowling Paul Vincent b. 12 May 1905, d. 10 Nov 1955Draft Cards for United States Army
Dowling Percival Charles Frank b. Jul 1896, d. Mar 1967British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
Age: 20; Private in British Army 171st Labour Corp
156354 replaced by 102104
Appointed to Devonshire Regiment
Dowling Percy Charles b. 14 Nov 1899, d. 18 Jul 1975RAF [British Royal Air Force)
"President II"
Service: Royal Air Force
Rank: AM II [Air Mechanic Second class] Engineer - on enlistment
Service: British Royal Navy Air Service
Rank: AM III [Air Mechanic Third class] - remastered to Fitter (A.E.)
Service: British Royal Air Force
Transport RAF AM3
Unit: 62 Wing
Unit: Royal Air Force G Reserve 13/98550
Dowling Perry Lee b. 4 May 1891, d. Sep 1970Unit: Company H 161st Infantry
Service: United States Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Peter Gordon b. 2 Jul 1917, d. DECEASEDMissing
Rank: Bombadier
Service: Australian Imperial Force
Dowling Phillip d. Bef 1920Royal Irish Rifles
Dowling R d. Bet 1914 and 1919Service: Royal Navy
Rank: Commander
Unit: Royal Naval Reserve
Service: Imperial Ottoman Navy
Service: Japanese Mercantile Marine
Service: English Mercantile Marine
Dowling Reginald John b. 2 Jun 1893, d. 20 May 1978World War 1 Draft Registration. No previous military service, no exemptions.
Dowling Reuben Waverly b. 17 Jun 1887, d. 17 Mar 1968Service: United States Army
Rank: Corporal
Unit: 56th Infantry Company F
Dowling Richard b. 1838, d. 30 Oct 1883AR [Army Reserve]
Tried and imprisoned for being drunk at rifle practice
18th Brigade
AR [Army Reserve]
Confined for being drunk at rifle practice
Service: British Army
Unit: 11 Regiment of Foot - Queen's County Regiment of Militia
Age: 20; Attestation
Service: British Army
Unit: 2/11 Regiment of Foot
Rank: Private
Unit: 105th Foot
Awarded good conduct pay
Forfeited good conduct pay
Restored good conduct pay
Forfeited good conduct pay
Restored good conduct pay
Age: 38; Discharged with 10 years and 132 days service as unfit
AR [Army Reserve]
Surgeon's Examination: eligible for service in Army Reserve Force for 5 years
"Kirr District"?; AR [Army Reserve]
"Kirr District"?; AR [Army Reserve]
Dowling Richard b. 1859, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1934Service: British Army
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Duke of Cornwalls Regiment
Dowling Richard Alphonsus b. 1 Aug 1894, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1954A13096 OR 10145; Second Number: 481
Age: 18 & 8 months; Enlistment
Unit: 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, Machine Gun Battalion
Rank: Private
Service: British Army
Active Service
Wounded in action; Gunshot to left arm; invalided to England
Graves Disease; Enlarged thyroid gland; Invalided to England
Unfit through sickness
Dowling Richard Anthony b. 24 Apr 1939, d. 30 May 1992United States Navy
Dowling Richard William b. Bef 14 Jan 1837, d. 23 Sep 1867Rank: Major
Rank: Captain
Battle of Sabine Pass
Rank: Lieutenant
Service: Confederate States ARmy
Unit: Jefferson Davis Guards
Dowling Robert b. 1730, d. 23 Feb 1808Unit: Captain William Vause's Company of the 12th Virginia Regiment
Service: United States Army (Revolutionary)
Rank: Private
Unit: 6th Regiment of the North Carolina Continental Infantry with Captain White's outfit. Pay voucher 1563 in NC records (16/1042) show Robert's py as $186 for 8 years service
Shown as Robert Doling on Invalid List with Eight and 24/72nds dollars of pay due
Battle of Musgrove's Mill
Battle of King's Mountain
Battle of Cowpens
Battle of Guilford Courthouse
Dowling Robert b. 1756, d. 1783Private in Marion's Brigade at Seige of Charleston
Dowling Robert b. 19 Oct 1929, d. 27 Apr 2019Service: United States Army
Dowling Robert D T b. 14 Aug 1884, d. DECEASEDAge: 34; Draft Registration
Dowling Robert Dewey b. 4 Jul 1898, d. 15 Apr 1937Age: 20; Draft Registration
Dowling Robert J d. DECEASEDGerman prisoner of war
Service: British Army
Unit: 2nd Connaght Rangers
Dowling Robert LaMoine b. 18 Feb 1924, d. 30 Aug 2001US Navy, WWII
Dowling Robert McMilan b. 7 Jul 1916, d. 16 Jul 2003VFW [Veterans of Foreign Wars] and the American Legion
Active service
Active service
Active service
Dowling Roy Russel b. 28 May 1901, d. 15 Apr 1969Service: Royal Australian Navy
Unit: HMAS Adelaide
Rank: Lieutenant
Rank: Lieutenant Commander
Flinders Naval Depot in charge of gunnery school
Unit: HMAS Swan in command
Unit: HMS Naid as executive officer; ship was sunk
Director of Plans at Navy Office
Rank: Acting Captain
Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff (DCNS)
Rank: Captain
Unit: HMAS Hobart in command
Director of Ordnance, Torpedoes and Mines at Navy Office
Unit: HMAS Sydney in command of Aircraft Carrier
Rank: Commodore
Second Naval Member and Chief of Naval Personnel
Unit: HM Australian Fleet
Rank: Rear Admiral
Unit: First Naval Member and Chief of Naval Staff
Rank: Vice-Admiral
Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee
Retired from Royal Australian Navy
Dowling Samuel b. 6 Apr 1873, d. 30 Jan 1955Age: 44; WW1 Draft Registration
Dowling Samuel Elton b. 27 Jul 1901, d. 5 Apr 1957Unit: Company K 3 United States Infantry
Rank: Bugler
Service: United States Army
Dowling Sidney Edward b. Dec 1893, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1955Chief Writer with Merchant Fleet Auxilliary; Mercantile Marine Reserve
RS2 Number 203804
Dowling Stanley Waldo b. 19 Nov 1887, d. Bef 22 Aug 1949Age: 29; Marital Status: Married; Draft Registration
Dowling Stephen b. 1863, d. DECEASEDPrivate Royal Irish Fusiliers 2nd Battalion (Princess Victoria's)
Roll: 1Apr1901; 1Oct1902
Dowling Stephen A b. 1922, d. 15 Aug 1942Unit: Carleton & York Regiment Royal Canadian Infantry Corps
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Dowling Theodore J b. 28 Jul 1936, d. 2 Sep 2010United States Marine Corp
Dowling Thomas d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Dowling Thomas b. 1810, d. 6 Dec 1876Rank: Colonel
Dowling Thomas b. 1821, d. 13 Apr 1886Service: British Army
Dowling Thomas b. 1831, d. 18 May 1910Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Artillery
Dowling Thomas b. 29 Oct 1885, d. DECEASED216508
Service: British Royal Navy
Dowling Thomas b. 20 Apr 1886, d. DECEASEDShip HMS Pembroke II
Ship HMS Pembroke II
Service: British Royal Navy
Rank: Stoker II class
Ship HMS Mars
Rank: Stoker 1st Class
Ship HMS Ark Royal [Aircraft Carrier]
Dowling Thomas b. 11 May 1893, d. 14 Aug 1945Service:British Army
Rank: Sapper (Private)
Age: 22; Enlistment for Duration of War
Unit: "U" Corps, 21st Signal Company; Royal Engineers [War Diary Reference WO 95 2145] part of Egyptian British Expeditionary Force
Service number: 165987;
Mobilised and posted to Pioneer Depot
Next of kin: wife Beatrice May Dowling
Transfer from Dunstable, Bedfordshire
Remustered Sapper, Base switchboard operator
Posted to Company from 'U' Corps Signals Company
Rank: Lance Corporal (Paid) se wing in 'U' Corp Signal Company
to Hospital
formerly Beirut, Syria
Embarkation on board ship "Himalya" for UK
On leave pending dispersal
Dispersal from Royal Engineers to 19 Gallosson Road, Plumstead
Age: 26; Transferred to "Z" Army reserve on Demobilization
Discharge from Army Reserves
Dowling Thomas b. 13 Feb 1894, d. 5 Jul 1957Rank: 1st Lieutenant of company of 25
Service: Irish Nationalist Volunteer Army
Unit: 'L' Company 3rd Battalion Kilkenny Brigade
Dowling Thomas b. 1896, d. DECEASED18/21891
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 19th King's Liverpool City Battalion, 3rd Battalion Liverpool Pals
Unit: Royal Engineers Z Reserve
Dowling Thomas b. 5 Jul 1896, d. 28 Dec 1925Service: National Irish Army
Rank: Lieutenant
Wounded in ambush
Dowling Thomas b. 14 May 1918, d. 27 Mar 1990Tour: "5 months"; South East Asia Command (SEAC)
Unit: 281 Company
Age: 22; Enlistment in Pioneer Corp (Territorial Army (W)
Service: British Army
5 Training Centre [5th Field Training Regiment]
Unit: Royal Pioneer Corp affiliated to Royal Engineers RE P/59 [59 company]
Age: 23; Enlistment as "Eire Recruit" to Royal Artillery and then redirected to Royal Pioneer Corp
Unit: Royal Engineers 831 Company
Rank: Sapper
Unit: 281 Field Company
Unit: 6 Training Centre
Rank: Unpaid Lance Corporal [second in command of section; leader of fireteam]
Rank: Lance Corporal
Rank: Unpaid Acting Corporal
Rank: Corporal
Unit: Royal Engineers Traning Center FT Wing
Unit: Pioneer Royal Engineers DII Class
Unit: Depot Wing
Rank: [Corp Trade] Stevedore DII Class
Unit: 901 Stevedore Company awaiting mustering
Unit: Royal Engineers 907 Port Operating Company
Embarked to, former, India
Deplaned [formerly India] on XIV (A) Corp List; [The Fourteenth Army often refeferred to as 'The Forgotten Army' because of overlooked operations in Burma]
Tour: "7 months"; formerly India
Rank: Unpaid Sergeant
South East Asia Command (SEAC)
Rank: Sergeant
Admission to hospital
Unit: on XII Corp List
Rank: reverts to W/Corporal (as in hospital)
Unit: Royal Engineers 907 Port Operating Company
Rank: Sergeant reinstated
Rank: Warrant Officer 2nd Class
Rank: reverts to Sergeant (as in hospital)
Admission to hospital
Unit: XII List
Rank: Warrant Officer 2nd Class (Reinstated)
Unit: Royal Engineers 907 Port Operating Company
Embarked for United Kingdom
Prepare for discharge (posted to 'Y' List)
Age: 27; Discharged (posted to 'Z' List)
Dowling Thomas W b. Apr 1878, d. DECEASEDService: United States Army
Unit: Infantry
Dowling Thomas Francis b. 23 Dec 1859, d. 11 Jul 1935Rank: Private
Unit: Company E Wisconsin Infantry
Service: United States Army
Conflict: South Pacific War
Dowling Thomas Gabriel b. 13 Jul 1894, d. 23 Sep 1962Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Dowling Thomas Henry b. 1804, d. Abt 1870fought as a United Irishman in Irish Nationalist rising "Battle of Ballingarry" with William Smith O'Brien
Dowling Thomas Henry b. 2 Dec 1884, d. 19 Dec 1957288923 WR/507386
Sergeant Royal Engineers
Dowling Thomas James b. 2 Nov 1888, d. Feb 1942Age: 28; Draft Registration World War 2
Dowling Thomas S b. 29 Sep 1888, d. Feb 1971Draft Registration
Dowling Thurlow Laing Weir b. Bet Jan and Mar 1851, d. 3 Apr 1924Rank: Ensign or 2nd Lieutenant; 1st Commission in British Army
Service: British Army
Unit: 34 Regiment of Foot (The Cumberland)
Rank: Ensign
Rank: Lieutenant
Rank: Captain
Unit: Lincolnshire Regiment 3rd Battalion (North Lincolnshire Militia)
Rank: Captain & Adjutant
Unit: 1st Battalion Border Regiment
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel British Army
Retired from British Army Border Regiment on half-pay
Dowling Tommy Roscoe b. 21 Nov 1944, d. 22 Jun 2009Service: United States Army
Rank: PFC [Private First Class]
Dowling Victor James b. 20 Jul 1866, d. 23 Mar 1934Veteran - No
Dowling Vincent William b. 1 Dec 1889, d. 4 Sep 1916Age: 26; Enlisted
Service: Australian Army
Unit: Australian Infantry Base11th Depot; Australian Imperial Force
Rank: Private
Dowling W d. Bet 1859 and 18641st Battalion 9th Regiment British Army
Dowling W d. DECEASED23795
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Royal Field Artillery, 112th Brigade, A Battery
Dowling Walter b. Sep 1893, d. Bet Jan and Mar 196914 days leave
Private Army Service Corp (Butcher)
Disembarked SS "Duchess of Argyle" A.S.C. N.10 to ASC Base Depot (H.T. & S)
B Depot to 1Coy 15 Dial Train
British Expeditionary Force
Serving with 5 RSD Census
Dispersal from 9th RSD Royal Army Service Corp
Dowling Walter Cecil b. 25 Jan 1929, d. 22 Oct 2014Unit: 773rd Heavy Tank Battalion
Service: United States Army
Dowling Walter Ellsworth b. 20 Jan 1898, d. 30 Mar 1970Age: 20; Marital Status: Unmarried; Draft Registration "Registrant not able to make signature, signature is made by his father"
Dowling Walter George b. Bef 1 Jun 1879, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1968'Home'
Unit: 7th Battalion Imperial Yeomanry, 26 th(Dorset) Company (Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry)
Rank: Private;
Age: 22; Attestation
Service number: 24895;
Service:British Army
Service Number: 29938
Discharged as medically unfit; Service of 1 year and 80 days
Unit: 26 (Dorset) Company 1st Provisional Battalion Imperial Yeomanry (Queen's Own Dorset Yeomanry)
Dowling William b. 20 Sep 1821, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1882Age: 18; Enlisted in Twenty-eighth of Foot Regiment
Military service ended
Dowling William b. 1827, d. 17 Feb 1887Service: British Army
Dowling William b. 1843, d. DECEASEDAge: 21; Private, Company H, 22nd US Coloured Infantry [Appears to be enlisted in his absence]
380 (possible Number)
"Dropped as Deserter at Camp William, Penn" "Due US for Transportation 1.41"
Appears on Muster-out Roll
Dowling William b. 1845, d. DECEASEDService: Royal Navy
Unit: Royal Marines
Dowling William Albert b. Bet Oct and Dec 1897, d. DECEASED
Posted: Home
Posted: Home Leave
Next of Kin: mother Mary Dowling of 14 Hans Road, Walton
Unit: Lancashire Fusiliers 2 Battalion
Age: 19; Attestation for duration of war
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Home Posting [probably training]
Unit: Lancashire Fusiliers 13th
Posted: BEF (British Expeditionary Force)
Qualification: Range Finder Bomber 2nd Class
Joined Unit
Attached to 8th King's Own Royal Lancashire Regiment
Wounded in Action: Gun Shot Wound to thumb; transferred to Boulogne
Posted: BEF (British Expeditionary Force)
Gun Shot Wound to scalp
Wounded in Action: Shrapnel to head; transferred to field hospital
Rejoined battalion
Unit: Lancashire Fusiliers 2 Reserve
Gun Shot Wound to head; transferred to Dannes
Rejoined battalion
Offence: Losing by neglect articles of his Kit; Advised to pay for deficiencies
Posted: Army Reserve
Demobilisation from British Army to 14 Hans Road, Walton
Dowling William Donald b. 25 Apr 1923, d. 17 Aug 1993Service: United States Merchant Marine
Dowling William Edward d. DECEASEDUnit: Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridgeshire's Own) 20th Battalion
Rank: Private
Unit: Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridgeshire's Own) 18th Battalion
Dowling William Edward b. 18 Jan 1897, d. 1 Nov 1914HMS Prince of Wales (15-2, 952). was a Formidable-class battleship launched in 1902 and sold for scrap in 1920.
HMS Impregnable Training Ship 98-gun second rate
HMS Ganges (shore establishment) was a training establishment, originally aboard the second HMS Ganges. She was in service between 1865 and 1976. During this period a number of other ships were renamed HMS Ganges whilst serving as the establishment:
Official Number Port Division: J.22588(Po)
Joined Royal Navy - Age: 16 for 12 years
HMS Victory I 14 4 II, 6209.
Rated Royal Nay Signal Boy
Dowling William F b. 14 Jan 1910, d. 16 Jan 1990Service: United States Army
Unit: Tec 5
Dowling William Gordon b. 3 Oct 1916, d. 24 Jan 2011Service: United States Army Air Corp
Rank: Captain
Theatre of War 1 [Western Europe]
Dowling William Hamilton b. 4 Aug 1842, d. 11 Sep 1924Chaplin Soldier Sergeant Company 'B' Fifth South Carolina Cavalry, Butler's Brigade, Hampton's Legion- Confederate States Army
followed Hampton into the last ditch at Battle of Brandy Station
Dowling William Hampton b. 26 May 1811, d. 18 Apr 188538
Unit: Stewarts Company 2 Florida Mtd Militia
Service: United States Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 1st Regiment, Florida Cavalry, Company D
Rank: Private
Service: Confederate States Army
Dowling William Henry b. 4 May 1823, d. 5 Nov 1864Rank: Ensign at £3 per annum
Service: British Army
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 20th Regiment of Foot (East Devonshire)
Joined Regiment
Joined Unit (after Battle of Alma)
Dowling William John b. 24 Oct 1894, d. DECEASEDK17048
Service: British Royal Navy
Dowling William Joseph b. 23 Aug 1925, d. 29 Nov 2013Service: United States Navy
Dowling William M b. 1917, d. DECEASEDService: United States Army
Enlistment for the duration of the War or other emergency, plus six months, subject to the discretion of the President or otherwise according to law
Unit: Warrant Officers
Rank: Private
Dowling William Patrick b. 2 Jul 1887, d. 18 Aug 1966Draft Registration
Dowling William Patrick b. 18 Nov 1919, d. 6 Oct 2008Third Aircraft Repair Unit (Floating) Overseas
+ Panama Canal Zone, Finchaffen & Hollandia in New Guinea; Tacloban, Leyte, Lingayen Gulf, Luzon, Subic Bay & Manilla in the Pacific Islands.
Discharged as Technical Sergeant
Dowling William Wesley Moore b. 14 Aug 1816, d. 19 Jan 1883Unit: Florida Militia
Unit: 2nd Florida Regiment under Captain Samuel E Swilley in Indian War
Service: United States Army
Unit: Georgia Militia under Captain William C Newbern during Indian War
Dowling Wilson Thompson b. 4 Jan 1923, d. 6 Sep 1986Service: United States Army Air Force
Dowling Zachariah b. 1834, d. DECEASEDPrivate, Company B 6th Regiment Missouri Cavalry
Corporal, Company E Osage County Regiment Missouri Home Guard under Captain Martin
Dowling-Desmadryl (Unknown) d. DECEASEDNational Army
Dowling-Desmadryl Jorge Alejandro b. 3 Aug 1903, d. 14 Jun 1979National Army
Dowling-Maitland Charles Sydenham Lineus b. Bet Jan and Mar 1878, d. Bet Jul and Sep 1950HMS Vivid 11 - Navy Barracks
HMS Attentive II - Shore-based Dover patrol
HMS Vivid 1 - Navy Barracks
HMS Vivid 1 - Navy Barracks
HMS Devonshire - Armoured Cruiser
Service: British Royal Navy
HMS Vivid 1 - Navy Barracks
HMS Blake (Tenacious) Protected Cruiser as depot ship
Rank: Able Seaman 1
Dowling-Santa-Maria Jorge b. 9 Apr 1931, d. 24 Nov 2003Commissioned Chilean Army
General Chilean Army
Commander-in-Chief Division VI Chilean Army (Northern Region)
Downing John b. 1740, d. 1802Quartermaster in Colonel George Gill's Regiment of South Carolina Militia
Dulin Bluford L b. 1844, d. DECEASEDRank: Private
Unit: 113th Regiment Illinois Infantry Company K
Service: United States Union Army
Unit: 120th Regiment Illinois Infantry Company G
Dulin Charles M b. 18 Aug 1922, d. 16 Jan 1995Battle of Heartbreak Ridge
Service: United States Army
Rank: Lieutenant
Unit: 38th Regiment 2nd Division
Dulin James b. 1828, d. 20 Feb 1865Age: 37; Enlisted
Unit: Company IL of 7th Cavalry Regiment
Service: United States Army (Union)
Rank: Private
Dulin John b. 21 May 1776, d. 22 Oct 1828War of 1812
Injured and confined to a wheelchair (now on display at Loudoun County Museum, Leesburg)
Dulin Ralph W b. 13 Dec 1927, d. 19 Apr 1996Service: United States Army
Rank: Second Lieutenant, during fall/autumn
Rank: Lieutenant
Rank: Lieutenant Colonel
Dun Percy Muir d. 23 May 1987Unit: 35th Battalion
Service: Australian Army
Rank: Lieutenant
Dunn Samuel b. 10 Nov 1887, d. 31 Jul 196916770
18th Battalion Lancashire Fusileers
3rd Lancashire Fusileers
9th Lancashire Fusileers
Lance Corporal
Mentioned in Despatches for distinguished services in the field by General Sir Douglas Haig GCG HCIE HCVO ADC
Edison Samuel Ogden b. 7 Mar 1767, d. 27 Mar 1865Service: British Army
Unit: 1st Middlesex Regiment
Rank: Captain
Fought in "War of 1812"
Edison Samuel Ogden b. 1804, d. 1896Service: 'Canadia Patriot Army'
Fought in "McKenzie Rebellion" against British Crown forces
Edmonstone Archibald b. 10 Oct 1717, d. 20 Jul 18071st Battalion
Edmonstone Charles b. 10 Oct 1764, d. 1 Apr 18212nd Battalion
Farrington Sidney Howard b. Bet Apr and Jun 1917, d. 1 Feb 19445828074
Service: British Army
Unit: Suffolk Regiment 4th Battalion
Fennelly Thomas b. 1836, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Flatman Andrew d. DECEASEDRank: Sergeant
Service: British Army
Unit: Commis. Dept
Fordham Charles Henry b. 8 Dec 1834, d. 23 Jan 1890Age: 26
Age: 27
Age: 30
Fordham George W b. 16 May 1843, d. DECEASEDAge: 20; Drafted
Gakin Lawrence Loyd b. 27 Apr 1937, d. 2 Oct 1996Service: United States Army
Gibson WilliamCaptain
Goucher Joseph Nelson b. 11 Dec 1889, d. 18 Feb 1976Draft Registration
Veteran "No"
Goucher Walter F b. 4 Sep 1912, d. 23 Sep 1983Service: United States Army
Unit: Tec 4
Griffin Dempsey b. 8 Jun 1825, d. 2 Nov 1897Service: United States Army
Rank: Private
Unit: 7th Georgia Cavalry Company G
American Indian War
Griffy Patrick d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Unit: St Helena Artilliary
Guest Benjamin b. 1870, d. UNKNOWNAge: 44; Private British Army Royal Berkshire Regiment
Discharged under Para 392(iii)(e) Kings Regulations Not likely to become an efficient soldier
Guest James William b. 27 Jul 1893, d. Bet Jul and Sep 192919021
Attestation to British Army Worcestershire Regiment
Discharged with 5 days service
Labour Corp [Cover for Discharge Documents, 14 images from search in 'other WW1 collections')
Guise George b. 1820, d. 16 May 1907Sergeant 14th (The King's) Regiment of (Light) Dragoons
Age: 22; Attestation into Royal Regiment of Artillery
Conduct 'very good'; Not mentioned in Regimental Defaulters Book; Once tried and acquited at Courts Marital
Royal Horse Artillery 16 Brigade - Sargeant
Age: 43; Royal Hospital Chelsea Pensioner Discharge
Royal Horse Artillery 16 Brigade
Hammel William Fowler b. 1900, d. 1977Service: United States Navy
Rank: Lieutenant Commander (LCDR)
Harrington Thomas Edward b. 7 Oct 1904, d. 4 Mar 1973Age: 35; Enlisted in Australian Air Force
Hebb Elias d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: St Helena Artilliary
Hitler Adolph b. 20 Apr 1889, d. 30 Apr 1945Enlists in Bavarian Regiment
Hitler William Patrick b. 12 Mar 1911, d. Nov 1987Age: 33; Service: United States Navy sworn in
Unit: US Navy & Naval Medical Corp
Joined naval unit
Honourable Discharged
Hovenden William b. 1837, d. 13 Dec 1897Unit: Royal Artillery
Service: British Army
Howard George R d. DECEASEDRank: Colonel
Hunt Albert b. 8 Dec 1917, d. 19445675821
Service: British Army
Unit: Somerset Light Infantry
Rank: Private
Activity: Capture
Irwin Bernard J D b. 24 Jun 1828, d. DECEASEDGeneral United States Army
Jenkinson David O b. 1924, d. 2003
Jones James William b. 1882, d. DECEASEDRank: Private
Service: British Army
Unit: Bedfordshire Regiment
Jones Raymond W b. 18 Apr 1916, d. 12 Sep 1973Rank: Private
Service: United States Army
Jordan Walter b. 1899, d. DECEASED
Service: British Army
Rank: Driver (private)
Kellogg Joseph b. 1 Apr 1626, d. 27 Jun 1707Rank: Lieutenant
Kenny George b. 29 Jan 1899, d. UNKNOWNRoyal Navy Ordinary Seaman (OS) - HMS Woolwich
Royal Navy Able Seaman - HMS Vidette
Key Caleb Watts b. 1 Jan 1883, d. 14 Jun 1971World War 1 Draft
Larter Walter Ernest b. 1879, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1938British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
Rank: Sapper
Royal Engineers
Lavender Frank William b. 14 Dec 1893, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1943Unit: 3rd Bedfordshire Regiment Huntingdonshire Cycle Battalion; Kent Cyclist
Service: British Army
Rank: Private
Linskey James b. Apr 1877, d. UNKNOWNAge: 20
Lloyd John b. 1883, d. 12 Dec 1916Rank: Private
Unit: British Army Kings Shropshire Light Infantry 8 Battalion
Lloyd William b. 1884, d. DECEASED201422
Rank: Private
Unit: South Wales Borderers 7th Battalion
Service: British Army
Unit: Royal Defence Corp 331 Company
Discharged as unfit for service due to malaria and received small pension
Lord Major Thomas Daunt b. Abt 1782, d. 22 Apr 1865During this time spent 22 years in the British Army, 18 years spent in the West India Regiment in West Indies.
Thomas Daunt Lord was appointed as an Ensign in the 2nd Battalion of the 62nd Regiment, "Wiltshire Regiment of Foot". Commission signed by King George and Duke of Portland.
Major Lord appointed Assistant Naval Officer to the Derwent.
Loughan Edward b. Bef 8 May 1852, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Queen's County Militia
Rank: Sergeant
Lowe Rose Mildred b. 15 Nov 1920, d. 11 Sep 2007Posting: Fort Hayes
Service: United States Army Nurse Corp
Luker William b. 1752, d. 1812Ensign in American Revolution.
Macdonald Chessborough Falconer John d. DECEASEDUnit: 22nd Regiment
Service: British Army
Mair Kenneth Edward d. 6 Dec 1995Royal Australian Signals
Mandrell Robert Roy b. 21 Mar 1929, d. 28 Dec 2017Service: United States Marine Corp
Korean War
Rank: First Lieutenant
McLean Alfred Augustus b. 8 Aug 1841, d. 21 Jan 1931Enlistment
Unit: Company L Massachusetts 2nd Cavalry
Service: United States Army
McLean Alfred W b. 1882, d. DECEASEDjoined military
Michaels Henry H b. 1818, d. 5 Jun 1884Service: United States Army (Union)
Rank: Private (in and out)
Unit: 18th Regiment Iowa Infantry Company G
Mills Harriet Oreander b. Dec 1852, d. UNKNOWNNotified military pensions department of change of name to Capps
Mitchell William b. 1851, d. DECEASEDService: British Army
Unit: Infantry
Mouritz 'Mick' Walter Charles b. 24 Jun 1906, d. 2 Dec 1993MOURITZ Walter Charles: Service No. W74498: DOB 24 Jun 1906: POB- Albany, WA: POE- Hyden, WA: NOK- MOURITZ Caroline
Murphy Vincent d. DECEASEDArmy
Myars James Albert b. 3 Mar 1846, d. 17 Feb 1919Age: 17
C A 77th Company New York Infantry during US Civil War
Age: 26
Odium Benjamin Digby d. DECEASEDfounght in Texas War of Independence
captured at Battle of Refugio
O'Dowling (Unknown) b. 1740, d. DECEASEDService: French Army
Unit: Au 2e Bataillon Irelandais au Service de France, a l'armee de'Espagne
Rank: Sous Lieutenant [sub-Lieutenant]
O'Dowling Jeremy b. Abt 1740, d. DECEASEDService: French Army
Unit: Regiment de Hohenlohe
Rank: Chevalier se St. Lois
Rank: Captain
O'Neill Margaret b. Bet Apr and Jun 1886, d. UNKNOWNDeath-in-service benefits to widow Margaret Hibbits for death of husband James Dowling
Orsborn Albert J b. Abt 1912, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1952Service: British Royal Air Force
Rank: Flying Officer - Pilot
Orsborn Albert William Thomas b. 4 Sep 1886, d. 4 Feb 1967Unit: Territorial Army
Service: British Army
Parrish Leslie Graham Sydney b. 1909, d. Abt 1998No 7354693 Staff Sergeant Royal Army Medical Corp (Male Nurse)
Pearson Clarence Everett b. 19 Sep 1930, d. 5 Apr 1993Service: United States Army
Rank: Sergeant
Petford Francis Richard b. 2 Apr 1897, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1961British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
Home Posting
House 2 Back of 26 Ashley Road - home leave
Home Posting
Enlisted as Private in British Army Royal Warwickshire Regiment 13th Battalion
Age: 19; Short Service (fopr Duration of War) Attestation
Fired general musketry Course Qualified 3rd class
Transferred to Royal Warwickshire Regiment 1st Battalion
CCS [Casualty Clearing Station] Hospital from France on board HS [Hospital Ship] Asturias
Home Posting
Joined OC Battalion in the field
Home Posting, via Rouen including hospitalisation at Carisbrooke Castle
Transferred to Royal Warwickshire Regiment 5th Battalion
British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
Transferred private in 16th Battalion of Royal Warwickshire Regiment A.O. 204-16
Rejoin Battalion in the field
to England for demobilisation
Discharged as private with 3 years & 166 days service
Raulerson David b. 5 May 1823, d. 10 Jun 1908Service: Confederate States Army
Rank: Private
Unit: Company A 24th Battalion Georgia Cavalry
Unit: Company G 7th Georgia Cavalry
Prisoner of War
Riley Joseph d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Unit: Artilliery
Rank: Sergeant
Roney Daniel b. 16 Aug 1889, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1972British Expeditionary Force (BEF)
British Army Attestaion for Duration of War
12840 (Border Regiment) [crossed ou after transfer to Middlesex Regiment]; TR 13/4818
British Army Private in 5th & 7th Border Regiment Training Reserve
British Army Private in 29th Battalion Middlesex Regiment (Duke of Cambridge's Own)
48277 [Middlesex Regiment]
British Army Private in Army Reserve
Discharged being no longer physically fit for service; Service: 2 years 311 days; King's Regulation: Sickness 392 xvi
Roy-Applin St Vincent Jesson Truguard b. 23 Mar 1903, d. Nov 1989Service: British Army
Unit: 2nd Lt Royal Army Service Corp 47th (2nd London)
Rank: Major
Rank: Lt Col (66525) Royal Army Service Corp
Russell Benjamin H b. 10 Nov 1840, d. 7 Aug 1893G16 Company Illinois Infantry [Union]
Ruth A M d. DECEASEDhead of Company of the Hampton Legion
Wounded in the Battle of Brandy Station
Ruth R G d. DECEASEDButler's Brigade of Cavalry (Confederacy)
followed Hampton into the last ditch at Battle of Brandy Station
Scaife Albert b. Bet Oct and Dec 1866, d. Bet Jan and Mar 1939Home
Unit: 5th Lancers 7.5 years
Military Mounted Policeman
Service: British Army
Service: British Army
Unit: Derbyshire Yeomanry
Discharged -
Unit: Derbyshire Artillery; Royal Field Artillery Territorial; 2/4th Reserve North Midland Howitzer Brigade
1311; Reference: Series WO364 Fiorst World War Pension Claims
Service: British Army
Rank: Promoted to Acting Bombardier
Rank: Promoted to Acting Sergeant
Military Courts Marital WO 86/66
Rank: Reduced to Bombadier
Rank: Reduced to Gunner for misconduct
Discharged - having been found medically unfit for further service; no overseas service
Schwendeman Arny Walter b. 30 Oct 1920, d. 9 Dec 2012Battle of Normandy; Operation Overlord; Allies succesfully invade Nazi occupied Western Europe
Service: United States Army Air Force
Rank: Temporary Sergeant
Sharpley Arthur d. DECEASEDService: British Army or East India Company
Unit: Artilliery
Rank: Staff Sergeant
Smith John Charles b. Abt 1778, d. 29 Nov 1863Colonel
Stephens Cyril Bertie b. 28 Sep 1886, d. 3 Mar 1962Orderly Room Corporal
Active Service: Battle of Passchendaele or Third Battle of Ypres
7th Middlesex Regiment at The Battle pf The Canal du Nord Hindenburg Line [100 Days Offensive]
Active Service: First Battle of Ypres
7th Middlesex Regiment at Cambrai Operations in Capture of Tadpole Copse
7th Middlesex Regiment at German Coounter Attacks
7th Middlesex Regiment at Cambrai Operations in Capture of Bourlon Wood
Unit: 7th Middlesex at Battle of Transloy Ridges
7th Middlesex Regiment at the third Battle of Scarpe or second Battle of Arras
7th Middlesex Regiment at passage of Grand Honelle - Final Advance in Picardy
7th Middlesex Regiment at Battle of Cambrai-Hindenburg Line [Hundred Days Offensive]
7th Middlesex Regiment at the first Battle of Scarpe or second Battle of Arras
Unit: 7th Middlesex at Battle of Flers
7th Middlesex Regiment at Battle of Langemarck = Third Battle of Ypres
7th Middlesex Regiment at the pursuit to the Selle - Final Advance in Picardy
7th Middlesex Regiment at The Battle of Albert
Unit: 7th Middlesex Regiment at Battle of Morval in which 56th Division captured Combles
7th Middlesex Regiment at The Battle of Scarpe - Arras [Hundred Days Offensive]
Unit: Middlesex Regiment 7th Battalion
7/2680 Middlesex Regiment
Service: British Army
Rank: Rifleman (private)
Active Service: Entered Theatre of War
7th Middlesex Regiment joins 167th (1st London) Brigade , 56th London Division - Formation of the Territorial Force
Unit: 7th Middlesex Regiment at Diversionary attack
7th Middlesex at Battle of Ginchy
Rank: Lance Corporal Middlesex Regiment
Rank: Orderly Room Corporal
7th Middlesex at German retreat to the Hindenburg Line
Orderly Room Sergeant
200595 Middlesex Regiment
Sergeant in 7th Battalion Middlesex Regiment
7th Middlesex Regiment at the second Battle of Arras part of The Battle of the Somme
7th Middlesex Regiment at Battle of Sambre - Final Advance in Picardy
Disembodiment on Demobilization from Army
Stephens Eric Raymond b. 1 Mar 1926, d. 22 Apr 2009Temporary Acting Sub-Lieutenant Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
Stone Archible Hardy b. 9 Feb 1898, d. 23 Jun 1952Service: United States Army
Unit: MD
Rank: Private
Strodl Vera Elsie b. 16 Jul 1918, d. 11 Jan 2015Unit: Air Transport Auxilliary (Volunteer)
Service: Brtitish Royal Air Force
Unit: Voluntary Reserve
Studer Richard Edward b. 25 Aug 1922, d. 5 May 2016Service: United States Army
Rank: Sergeant
Unit: Medical Department
Taylor Shawe d. DECEASEDRank: Captain
Taylor William d. 1917British Army Rank: Captain
Toole Agnes Edith b. 26 Aug 1860, d. 31 May 1945A N
Townsend William A b. 8 Apr 1820, d. 6 Jul 1917Unit: !st Florida Cavalry Company D
Service: Confederate States Army
Upton Percy William b. 1883, d. DECEASED
Waller EdwardCaptain, 87th Royal Irish Fusiliers
Waterman Alan GardinerMajor in RFA
Webster Michael b. 31 Jan 1891, d. 13 Mar 1915Service: British Army
Unit: 4th Battalion Leinster Regiment
Rank: Private
Unit: 1st Battalion Prince of Wales's Leinster Regiment (Royal Canadians)
Desertion or Absence from "Passage W"
Webster Thomas b. 31 Mar 1889, d. 24 Sep 19163160 (Leinster Regiment)
Unit: (1) Leinster Regiment
18037 (Royal Munster)
Unit: (2) Royal Munster Regiment 2nd Battalion
Rank: Private
Theatre of War 2B Balkans
Service: British Army
Welman William Henry Dowling Reeves b. 1827, d. Dec 1906
Rank: Cornet 2nd Lieutenant or Ensign
Rank: Lieutenant
Rank: Captain
Rank: Major
Rank: Major, 99 Foot Regiment
Rank: British Army Major General
White Ellen b. 1839, d. UNKNOWN(Shown on record of son Otto Carl Dowling)
(Shown on record of son Otto Carl Dowling)
Whitesitt Joe Dowling b. 15 May 1919, d. 2 Jan 2008Drafted into Army
Unit: Company E 132nd Infantry Regiment American Division
Rank: Squad Leader
Unit: 745th Combat Infantry
Rank: Temporary Sergeant
Service: United States Army
Honorable Discharge
Whitfield John Pritchatt b. 23 Dec 1878, d. Bet Apr and Jun 1972British Army - Private - 11th Hampshire Regiment
Wilkes John William b. 12 Jul 1895, d. 4 Dec 1978Home
7th Service Battalion Rifle Brigade
Posted as Rifleman
Discharged not being likely to become an efficient soldier. Para 392(iii) Kings Regulations
Wilson John b. 1762, d. 1833Captain