Does not include living people.

SurnameGiven NameLifespanDescription/Memo
Doolan John Livesay (1783 - 24 Aug 1860)Member of College of Surgeons General Rank of Surgeon, Royal Navy, on halfpay off Cape of Good-Hope
Dowling Donald Augustus (7 Jun 1895 - 8 Mar 1979)Resident Doctor at Adelaide Hospital
Dowling Elijah (1830 - DECEASED)"M.D." [Medical Doctor]
Dowling Frederick Alexander (Apr 1888 - DECEASED)Chauffer for Doctor
Dowling Jeremiah J (Bef 4 Mar 1830 - 1906)Physician & Surgeon MD RUS CRCS(Edin)
Dowling Stanley Waldo (19 Nov 1887 - Bef 22 Aug 1949)Physician & Surgeon
Dowling Stephen Gerald J (14 Sep 1891 - Bet Oct and Dec 1960)Medical Practitioner; Doctor
Goucher Joseph Nelson (11 Dec 1889 - 18 Feb 1976)Actor in "Anywhere USA" as Doctor
Gray William Heakins (1837 - UNKNOWN)Drabber [1) Surgeon's assistant in a hospital  2) Operator who assembled the yarns or threads prior to weaving of cloth 3) Assistant to a noble person, preparing clothes etc. 4) In an Iron Foundry, person who removes the flash and unwanted bits from casts
Irwin Bernard J D (24 Jun 1828 - DECEASED)Doctor Assistant Surgeon-General in United States Army
Stahl Daniel ( - DECEASED)Medecal Doctor, Surgeon and Brevet Lt Col. United States Volunteers