Does not include living although I do have some living ones on my system.

Brown Edgar Raymond (29 Sep 1890 - 26 Jun 1977)Artist in Artist Shop
Greeting card illustrator at gasoline service station
Buell SarahArtist
Artist and illustrator
Doolin C H ( - DECEASED)Teacher; Artist
Doolin James (28 Jun 1932 - 22 Jul 2002)Painter; Artist; Muralist specialising in southern California landscapes
Freelance Commercial Artist in Advertising
Artist of 'artificial landscapes'; Independent Movement
Artist of "Shopping Mall" an epic work on aerial views
Artist; Painting his best known city works
Artist of "Study for Downtown"
Artist of "East Wind"
Doolin Joe ( - DECEASED)Artist for Fiction House
Dooling VeronicaDoll & Bear Artist; Craft Creator of Soft Toy Bears called "Bearly Legal Bears"
Dowling (Unknown) ( - DECEASED)Pokerwork Artist
Dowling Brownie ( - DECEASED)Author; Illustrator of "Tinka and His Friends" with John Mansfield; Published by Thomas Nelson & Sons. Charming little story set in Australia about a little aborigine boy and hsi friends
Dowling Dan ( - DECEASED)Graphic Artist; Political Cartoonist
Dowling George H ( - DECEASED)Watercolour Artist
Dowling Jessie ( - DECEASED)Artist
Dowling John ( - DECEASED)Poet; Artist; Publisher
Dowling John Harcourt ( - DECEASED)Artist; water colour
Dowling Kelly ( - DECEASED)Artist
Dowling Marie A ( - DECEASED)Artist
Dowling Minnie S ( - DECEASED)Artist
Dowling Paul ( - DECEASED)Author and illustrator of books for children aged 1-5 years
Dowling Robert Hawker (4 Jul 1827 - 8 Jul 1886)Artist Painter
Artist; Portrait Painter
Artist Painter in Oil oc
Dowling Thomas ( - DECEASED)Artist
Dowling Victor ( - DECEASED)Artist; Illustrator;
Dowling Victory ( - DECEASED)Artist; Illustrator;
Dowling Wiliam J (1907 - 1980)Artist
Dowling William Louis (Aug 1841 - 1915)Sculptor
Dowling William Paul (1824 - 3 Aug 1877)Portrait Painter Artist
Harrington William (1836 - DECEASED)Artist
Water Color Artist on own account
Hartigan Mary L (Abt 1900 - DECEASED)Artist
Maitland Blythe Sydenham (1853 - Bet Jan and Mar 1929)Scenic Artist in Theatre Music Halls & C
Murray Colista (1878 - 16 Oct 1968)Artist
Illustrator; Painter; Artist