Books about Dowlings

May include some living!

Doolin Matty ( - DECEASED)Books about; "Matty Doolin" by Catherine Cookson;1975 Piccolo UK or Corgi paperback edition
Doolin William (1857 - 25 Aug 1896)Books about; "Bill Doolin Outlaw OT" by Colonel Bailey C Hanes, 1968 University of Oklahoma Press.
Dowling ( - DECEASED)Book about: "Dowling Cookbook" compiled 1995 by Parents Guild, Dowling, West Des Moines, Iowa, USA; 281 pages of recipies plus index
Dowling Aaron (1859 - DECEASED)Books about; The 1891 Minister Dowling OUAM Pictoral Bible
Dowling Frank ( - DECEASED)Book about; Father Dowling Mysteries / Father Dowling Investigates - A series of books, television eposides and movie about Father Frank Dowling Mysteries written by Ralph McInerny
Dowling Richard William (Bef 14 Jan 1837 - 23 Sep 1867)Book about: Dick Dowling by Frances Robertson Sackett - 1937
Forbes-Doolan ( - DECEASED)Book about: "The Forbes-Doolan Affair" by W H Bishop 1879 published by Lithrop & Co.
Von Mainz Doolin ( - DECEASED)Book About; "Doolin Von Mainz - A Knight's Poem" - : Ein Rittergedicht in Zehen Gesangen by Johann Baptist Von Alxinger (1812); 392 pages in German. Published J GoeLeipsig and Vienna in 1787